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Welcome to my neck of the woods!  Girly Nature Lovers is a warm, safe, loving environment derived from nature in Florida.

It all kind of started with my idea of keeping pets as plants, also known as pet plants!  Then came the fashion feature wearable nature, where every outfit post includes a pet plant in the photoshoot.  After that, I really wanted to have a conversation with my talking gemstones, as they really have the best advice on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Fun Facts About GNL:

  • We're environmentalists.  You can learn how to become a Girly Nature Lover here.
  • Houseplants rule, which is why I started collecting pet plants long ago.  
  • We eat as plant-based a diet as possible because it helps the environment and it helps all the little (and big) animals.  
  • Hiking is everything.  Hiking makes me feel connected to nature and the faerie realm and I never, ever want to lose that!
  • We're a little mushroom obsessed!  Mushrooms remind me of fairies and fairies are pure magic and innocence, so there you go!
  • I wish I was a mermaid and that stems from my childhood of growing up at the bottom of an aquarium.
  • We buy local.  In our case, that means organic and American made brands.  I do make exceptions of course, but that's my general rule of thumb.  I'm really diligent about supporting the American economy and small businesses and local shops whenever possible.
Warning:  The following pages will make you happy.  They will make you dance and sing through the wildflowers.  
How to Keep a Plant as a Pet

Wearable Planter

Talking Gemstones