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Before starting this diet or any other diet, be sure to seek the medical advice of a healthcare physician, in order to get the "ok" that your body is well enough to proceed with dieting.  Please note, that Girly Nature Lovers and Laurali Star are not responsible for any health risks that you take, for any health/diet/fitness advice that is given, and that by participating in any "Girly Nature Lovers" program, you are doing it at your own free will and volition.  Your health, your weight, your diet, and your fitness, are your responsibility, and by participating in "Girly Nature Lovers" you agree to take full responsibility for your actions.


Girly Nature Lovers owns all rights to the material presented.  All pictures, unless otherwise indicated, are owned by Laurali Star and Girly Nature Lovers.  You may pin them freely on Pinterest and share on social media networks, so long as Girly Nature Lovers is accredited.  

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