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Ozona, Florida

Ozona, Florida is a tiny, seaside fishing village where people ride golf carts, have yard sales, and go fishing!  I personally don't partake in the fishing, as I live off a plant-based diet, which you can read about here.  I also call Ozona, Florida my home sweet home.  

One of the great things about living here is the small-town charm.  It's crushed against the coastline, so townies are literally separated from the rest of the world.  

It's not uncommon to find mansions next to small houses, refurbished sea shacks, and apartment buildings in Ozona.  I am truly surrounded by wealth and prosperity here!

It's also a golf-cart community, meaning you'll see families driving around in golf carts at sunset, golf carts parked at Molly Goodheads, Ozona Pig, or at the upscale Ozona Blue Grilling Company.  

I'm personally a fan of Ozona Pizza, where I can get vegan, gluten-free pizza, salad, and garlic knots.  It's a regular staple when my older kids come to visit!

We even have an annual golf cart parade for Christmas, where people decorate their carts, play Christmas music, and sometimes throw candy and beads.  I watch it from my front yard every year!

Things to Do in Ozona, Florida

Honestly, for a small town, there's a lot to do, especially on the weekends!  We have quite the nightlife here.  People walk or ride their golf carts over to the restaurants in town and there's usually great food, a festive atmosphere, and live music.  

We also have a pier, that's a hop, skip, and a jump from my house!  People gather there at sunset and during the big holidays for firework displays.  There's seriously nothing better than watching fireworks from all sides of the ocean.  

It's right next to a marina and if it's low tide, you can climb down and explore a little.  You'll see lots of kayakers out in the bay, as well as boaters.  I've even seen dolphins from time to time and fish jumping in the twilight of the evening.  
There are signs everywhere that say to keep Ozona beautiful.  That's because the Pinellas Trail runs right through our little town, which happens to be 38.2 miles long.  

That means you are going to see people of all ages walking, running, rollerblading, skateboarding, and riding their bikes on the trail.  There's a lot of athletic people here or at least people that enjoy taking advantage of the warm weather and balmy breeze year round.
We also live near everything!  We are very fortunate and lucky.  Honeymoon Island is about five minutes from us, as well as the Dunedin Causeway, which can be found in some of these pictures.  

Besides my favorite spot at the marina, I really love to watch the sunset at the Dunedin Causeway in the summer, which you can read about in Indie Life.  There's nothing that says community like people playing live music at low tide, while we watch dolphins jumping out of the water at sunset.  Nothing.

Antiquing and Yard Sales

Believe it or not, antiquing and yard sales are really big here, even though it's an affluent community.  You have Antiques and Uniques and lots of weekend yard sales.  I bought my oldest daughter Angeleah a Beatles album here.

At the yard sales, you'll find some pretty nice stuff.  We've found extra-small vintage threads before, vintage tables and antique chairs, and lots of cute knick-knacks on a budget.  

On the weekends you'll see people driving around in classic cars and roadsters.  It's actually pretty rad if I do say so myself.  I mean, if you like that sorta thing.  I do!
There are also lots of events here!  Fun parties, weddings, and more.  People will often rent out Ozona Village Hall for that.  

The village hall has lots of rich southern history and it's down the road from my house.  Fun fact: My mom used to clean it after parties for a few extra bucks.  
That's Ozona in a nutshell.  It's the little town that I am so fond of.  We have some of the best schools in the state, a great sense of community, and lots of southern hospitality to offer.  

My longterm dream is to rent an Airbnb and book hiking tours so that I can share the magic of Florida living with all of you.  If you are ever in the area, let me know and maybe we can hang out and have a fruity tropical grownup drink :-)