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As a little girl, I was always playing in the dirt.  It's embarrassing to admit, but my Mom told me that I loved to eat mud when I was a baby.  I like to think I was giving myself a mud bath.  

As I grew older, I loved nature more than ever, and I didn't mind getting my hands dirty.  What was ironic about it, is that I almost always had a frilly skirt or flowing dress on as I was playing in nature. 

Hence, Girly Nature Lovers was born!  It's how I always describe myself to people.

As a grownup, the magic of the Great Outdoors never left me.  In fact, when I became a mother, my three daughters became girly nature lovers too.  

While other mothers were complaining if their kid was playing in a sandbox, I let my girls go to it, and then gave them a warm bubble bath to clean up afterward.  Scented and with candles.  

Like childhood me, my girls loved twirling around in their skirts and dresses and digging in the garden, making sand castles at the beach, and hiking into deep woods.  

Girly Nature Lovers is about green living for women!  A lot of what you'll find here has to do with eating vegan and mostly raw, gardening, and inspiration in nature.  It's about going green and taking precious care of the earth.  

I wanted to expand on my worldviews and share it with the girls of the world.  If you like hiking, gardening, camping, eating a plant-based diet, and all things green and pink like I do, then you'll love Girly Nature Lovers!

Resume and Qualifications

What you might not know is how invested in nature I really am!  It all started the year I turned thirty.  I took a leap of faith and got a job as an Animal Handler for the Tarpon Springs Aquarium where I worked for a year.

As an Animal Handler, I had a lot of responsibilities in working with both people and animals.  Guess what?  I absolutely loved it!

I taught school groups and gave sticker rewards at the shark feeding show and alligator feeding show.  I taught tourists how to do the stingray shuffle and watched over the saltwater and stingray touch tanks.  I even helped my boss clean a 14-foot python snake one time!  You can see a picture of me here.

In addition to working at the aquarium, I went on to become a social media coordinator for Green Halloween.  It was here that I really began to learn a lot about myself through blogging and social media.

I interviewed bloggers by phone and email for collaboration and met some great people along the way!  It was my first time going meat-free for a week, thanks to this post.  I also began my infinite journey into trying to go as plant-based and green as possible.

Here are some of the posts I wrote back in the day:

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