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The Sugar Queen is the Perfect Book For Changing Seasons

The Sugar Queen
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I decided to redo my review on The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen because I feel I failed to convey how I really felt about this book, the first time around.

The Sugar Queen is one of the books that changed my life. It was the first time I ever thought about moving from Florida to a place completely different. That place was in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, somewhere similar to where the main character, Josie lives.

Beyond the fact that I have been obsessed with North Carolina ever since I recently went on a family vacation there, and it made me feel like I was home. The mountains were very welcoming and kept me in their warm embrace.

In addition to that, The Sugar Queen, has created an open dialogue between my daughters and I. There's usually more than one copy floating around between us at any given time, we take it with us to read on planes or long car rides, and we even have a hard copy that we use as a book of spells. Here we add secret notes, recipes, and use clear tape to tape in spices and leaves.

After returning from North Carolina, I placed a maple leaf inside the blank sheets of the book to preserve and keep forever. The Sugar Queen has also become a holiday tradition of sorts. I read it every fall, wishing that I could live in a place where the leaves turn red and gold.

So, what makes this book so great that it has become apart of my heart and life? Glad you asked!
The Sugar Queen has two all-important characters, Josie Cirrini and Chloe Finley. It was just so easy to fall in love with these two characters and the thin veil that connects their lives.

Josie is a lonely, rich woman who lives in the finest house on top of the mountain. She spends her days taking care of her mother and her nights reading guilty pleasures and eating in her secret closet full of treats. She's head-over-heels in love with the mailman and he barely notices she exists.

Chloe works in a little cafe in the courthouse making delectable sandwiches, while books follow her wherever she goes. She is heartbroken when her live-in boyfriend, Jake Yardley, confesses a secret to her that causes her to spiral.

Then there's Della Lee Baker, a character of her own. Out of nowhere, she ends up in Josie's closet and refuses to leave. She makes it a forced mission to help Josie, who she can clearly tell is unhappy, to change her life.

This unlikely character changes Josie's life in ways that she could never imagine, by pushing her out of her comfort zone. While Della Lee changed Josie's life, Sarah Addison Allen changed mine.
The Sugar Queen was the book that started me on the road to reaching for my dreams. The book took me off roading into new adventures that lay in wait.

I still plan to move to North Carolina and the truth is, I don't even know what I'm waiting for. I think its written in the stars for me. If anything, re-writing this review has validated what my heart truly desires.

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