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Letters to Laurali is a newsletter about how to hygge, modern-day romance, and the slow blogging movement!

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For more info on what slow living, kinfolk style is, read this post It will help you get started on living life in a more thoughtful, sincere way.

Once a week: I'll send you all the latest posts so that you can get caught up on your reading.

Once a month: You'll receive a letter from me (Hence, letters to Laurali) based on something you really wanted to learn about! It comes with a poem, a quote, and some down-to-earth advice.

Every now and then:  I'll send you a freebie, coupons, and the latest news!


* How to Hygge
* How to Capture Nostalgia
* Modern-Day Romance
* Connecting with Nature Spirits
* Slow Living Biz + Blogging Tips

I promise not to inundate you with too many emails, as I hate that too. What I do promise is to slow down and enjoy the moment with you!


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Secret Mailbox Surprises:  A pet plant with adoption papers, a secret love note for encouragement, or a talking gemstone!

In the comments:  

Write me a letter to Laurali and get feedback in the newsletter if I decide to use your topic.  If I choose your topic, I will send you a secret mailbox surprise (see above)!  In fact, every time I use your topic, you'll receive a secret mailbox surprise.

Be sure to make your comment special and meaningful, like a real letter!  The more meaningful the topic is, the more likely I am to choose it.


  • Start with Dear Laurali, to begin your letter
  • Write Sincerely, _ to complete your letter
  • Make sure you choose from one of the above topics and add your own spin to it!
  • Be inventive, creative, and try to think of what others would like to get advice on.
  • Have fun with it!

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