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How to Create Your Ideal Reader or Customer Using Google Analytics Behavior

Who are the people that visit your site?  Analyzing user behavior with Google Analytics is the most insightful way to get to know your business, not to mention the people who visit it, even better!
When you think of Google Analytics, some key things come to mind.  Traffic statistics, bounce rate, and unique visitors.

Traffic statistics gives you a great overview of what your readers and customers are looking at, while bounce rate tells you how long they are staying on the page before they like the word implies, bounce! 

Unique visitors tells you where your readers, customers, and wandering nomads are coming from.  In a nutshell, these are the secret ingredients that make up your ideal customer and reader!

Traffic Statistics

1.  Traffic Statistics - This is where I go into depth about using those statistics for gain.  You'll learn how to use statistics to get a feel for:
1.) What people are looking at 2.)  What they are reading 3.)  Which pages are getting the largest amount of traffic?

You can use statistics to curate cool blog posts, based upon what your readers already like.  If readers are spending time on a blog post, but not enough time in your shop, this will gear you towards writing better product descriptions that are downright inspirational!

Bounce Rate

2.  Bounce Rate - Find out where your customers and readers are hanging out the longest, without bouncing!  How long are they spending on a given page?  Try to get into the mind of your reader or customer.

Were they window shopping your handmade pink bunny slippers on the shop page, but not making the purchase?  This will help you think about how you can reach out to your customer, to help them make the purchase.

Bounce rates are highly important for 1.) Showing which posts and pages are the cool, happening hang-out spots on your website.  2.) Showing you how to make readers and customers feel "safe" making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.

Unique Vistors

3.)  Unique Visitors - Where are your readers coming from? Here, you can tell which websites, social media networks, blogs, and even countries your readers are visiting from.  Why is this so important?

It tells you the type of reader you have, and the style of customer you are more likely to attract.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the results of this!

Bloggers who write about blogs, tend to attract, you guessed it, other bloggers!  Lifestyle blogs tend to attract women from all over the world.  SEO websites attract anyone with an online business, big or small.  This knowledge helps you to understand who you're are writing for, who you are selling to, and why.

Putting all of this together helps you to create your ideal reader or customer!  It also tells you how they behave on your website.  People are creatures of habit, so behaviors tend to stay the same over time.  The only way to change it is to understand the behavior.

Homework Assignment

I leave you with this homework assignment: Take a visit to Google Analytics and using all of the above steps, create your ideal customer and reader.  Who is she?

Does she like hiking in the forests of Canada for fun and adventure?  She's the girl who will buy those cool hiking boots you just put up for sale in the shop.  Does he like your rugged DIY posts?  Then he's the guy to purchase that handsaw.

Use the analytics to go as deep as you can into the psychology of your ideal client and analyze their behavior.  Who are the people that visit your site?  Now you can answer the question honestly!

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