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Have a Little Faith and Believe in Fairies, Mermaids, and Unicorns

Have a little faith!  Believe in the unseen.  Things like God, true love, fairies, mermaids, and unicorns.  They are all real, even if you can't see them.  You know that they are real because you sense them and feel them. 

I have always been faith filled.  One of my first memories is being no more than four years old, going to church with my uncle.  I remember that nobody had to tell me to believe in God.  I just knew there was a higher power. 

This isn't to say that other people have to believe in what I do.  It's to say having faith is believing in the unseen then building on that.  Whatever that means to you.

How you build on it can go a variety of ways.  For some, it's to go to church or to sacred grounds.  For others, like myself, you find spirit in the garden or hiking a nature trail.  It's really very personal and pure.

How do you find your faith?  Faith is so important even if you don't believe in a God.  It's through faith that we are able to believe in ourselves, which can be the most difficult thing in the world.

The challenge is to believe in yourself when no one else will.  In fact, I'm going through that right now with this blog.  There have been a lot of naysayers, mainly family, that don't believe I can turn this blog into a business but see, I absolutely know I can!

Through hard work and dedication, this blog can finance my household.  I've had to keep believing in my dream in the face of poverty, adversity, and naysayers.  I don't let it stop me!

Sometimes I want to, but I know something they don't know.  That's what faith is.  You keep going even when you don't have anything to show for it, because someday soon you will and then some!

Believe in Fairies, Mermaids, and Unicorns

What does all of this have to with believing in fairies, mermaids, and unicorns?  Well, for one thing, they are just as real as you and I.  They just happen to spend most of their time weaving in and out of realms. 

Nature spirits are the closest to heaven that you're going to get besides the love of a newborn child.  They are the closest to both heaven and earth and live in between.  That's why you're more likely to have a fairy sighting between dusk and dawn and in between the seasons.

I started believing in the unseen when I was a little girl and carried it into my adult life.  I believed because when you're a child you're precocious and innocent, there's nothing to taint your view on the world yet.  That part was kind of built in for me.

I continued to believe, which sometimes can be the hard part, because I kept having spiritual experiences that validated my faith.  There were so many miracles, synchronicities, and sightings that lead me to keep building on my faith.  The faith that there was more than meets the eye.

How do I know that fairies exist?  Because I talk to them all the time and guess what?  So do you!  When you talk to your plants, you're talking to the soul within.  That soul within is the nature spirit!

Have you ever walked through the park and felt like there were eyes on you, but you couldn't see them?  That's the nature spirits!  They are always there, but you have to have some kind of faith first before connecting with them. 

Once you do, it's a magical experience!  What about mermaids?  How do I know they exist?

It started with belief and was validated by real-life human experiences.  When I go to the beach and start picking up trash automatically.  That's them!  That's the sea sprites.

That time I was swimming in the ocean like a mermaid with my niece and we both saw a shark at the exact same moment and instantly turned around and somehow made it to the shore faster than we would have without any harm.  That's the mermaids!  Or maybe a mer-angel.

How do I have the faith to know that unicorns are real?  Easy, peasy! I started writing to them.  In fact, I write to angels, gods and goddesses, nature spirits, and Jesus every morning.  It's part of my daily ritual, which you can read about here.

I believed in the unicorns first, knew I wanted to connect with them, and made it happen!  That's called faith. 

Have a Little Faith

There's a part of you that knows true love exists, right?  Maybe you have even experienced it and are married to the man (or woman) of your dreams.  That's what having a little faith is like. 

It's believing in the unseen until it becomes real.  We could all use a little more faith in our lives and a little more love too.  Whatever kind it may be. 

The spirit helpers can help you with that.  They can make your life a little brighter.  Give you the faith and courage to work harder or maybe even smarter. 

Here's the secret though:  You have to call on them and you have to believe.  That's it.  Once you call upon them, you'll start seeing them work through your life in magical ways.

You'll begin to feel hope again and more inspired to whatever your calling is.  You just have to have a little faith!

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