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Wishlist: Resource Guide to Eco-Conscious Fashion and Beauty

I converted my wishlist page into a resource guide to eco-conscious fashion and beauty!  I started thinking yesterday about how much research I had to do for zero-waste blogs, ethical fashion and just going green in general when I first started.  I thought I'd do the legwork for you!

My wishlist was sitting there empty for the longest time.  When I first started this blog I figured I'd continue down the health and wellness route with a sprinkle of the law of attraction magic thrown in.  That's the type of blog I was running before.

It was fun while it lasted and while I'm still passionate about health, I've kind of centered my focus in a new direction.  Girly nature lovers is all about natural living for women and young girls!  Women like fashion and beauty ideas, so that's what I tend to focus on now.

My original wish list was a list of everything I wanted to attract via LOA.  It was cool and all, but my blog has started to move in a new direction with the green movement.

Since it is a wishlist after all, please feel free to add things you'd like to see on it in the comments!  Maybe I left something out that would mesh well with the save the planet vibe.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Resource Guide to Eco-Conscious Fashion and Beauty

I have specific shops that I shop from, some of them on Etsy.  I like shops that have a unique point of view.  For example, one of the shops I listed was Vegenero.  I like that she's written a few weight loss e-books and sells vegan skincare products.

One of my big things on this blog is shopping locally.  That's not always a reality, like in the case of Vegenero, but I think it's okay to make exceptions from time to time for a conscious shopping experience.  Plus, her e-books are instant downloads that can be purchased from any country!

By shopping locally, I really mean in whatever country, area, or region you live in.  This actually helps the environment.  When items have to travel far, there's a lot of carbon footprint increased rather than reduced.  That can be no bueno for the planet.

As a conscious consumer, I try to keep things like that in mind.  This especially proves to be true when it comes to organic food and drinks.

I also made sure to list my favorite vegan food blogs.  I tried to keep everything in the top-five category.  Even though I don't have her listed, I really like some of the recipes on Oh Dear Drea.  I especially love drawing inspiration from her What Marlowe Eats: Meal Ideas for Feeding a Vegan Kid posts!

Waste-Free Packaging

Another thing I try to keep in mind with ethical fashion and beauty is packaging.  Does the store I'm buying from use recycled materials?  Do they use too much packaging?  Too much plastic?

Try to think in terms of reduce, reuse, and recycle!  In situations where it's not possible for a new store owner to use a recycled box because it's pricier, see if there's a way to reuse it.  Maybe for moving or to send a gift to a friend.

When it comes to too much plastic, I mean when you order something and each tiny individual piece is wrapped in plastic.  When living a waste-free life the goal is to try to get rid of single-use plastics!

Ethical Fashion Tips

Here are some ethical fashion tips to get you started!  It's been a long journey these past several years dipping my toes into green living.

While I gave you some of my favorite places to shop for shoes, clothes, and accessories on my wishlist, I also wanted to give you some cruelty-free fashion tips!

  • Stay away from mainstream fashion stores in general.  There are a few, like Modcloth and Target, that have a section for vegan fashions.  But, for the most part, steer clear of mainstream clothing shops.  
  • Buy vintage and thrift store secondhand clothing.  The more longlasting use you get out of your clothes, the better.  When you're finished with that, pass it down or donate it.  You could even start your own vintage clothing shop!
  • Throw a clothing swap party!  This is a fun way to get your friends together and get free clothes.  This is a great way of extending the life of the clothes you wear too.  
  • Sew your own clothes!  This is something that I'm currently learning how to do.  Sewing your own clothes saves money and there's nothing better than getting a compliment on an outfit and being able to say you made it yourself!
  • Shop ethical brands.  You can use the shops that I recommend on my wishlist or you can make your own list.  Either way, I plan on doing a post on this soon.  

Ethical Beauty Tips

Beauty is very different than fashion in that it's homemade rather than handmade or secondhand.  I've included many beauty brands that are vegan, over-the-counter, and can be bought online.  

On the other hand, it's really fun to make homemade beauty remedies too!  All you really have to do is make sure they are vegan or vegetarian, depending on where you are at on your plant-based journey.  
  • Look in your fridge and cupboards for homemade beauty remedies.  Some ideas to keep in mind are fruits and veggies for skin, hair, and nails beauty.  That's to get that natural glow people have when they eat healthily.  For your outward appearance, use mashed avocado for an instant face moisturizer, olive oil to treat wrinkles and fine lines, and strawberries for whiter teeth.  
  • Use botanicals from the garden.  Give this aloe vera instant facial a try!  Organic plants and flowers have derivatives for beauty in them.
  • Add flowers to your hair!  What a simple, natural way to do beauty ethically.  
  • Wear gemstones.  Be ethical about it.  For example, steer clear of blood diamonds.  Read about the magic of gemstones to get started on this natural beauty item.  
I plan to grow my green resource guide as I grow!  Again, if you have anything you'd like to add or any posts you'd like me to write about on this topic, let me know in the comments.  Happy shopping!

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