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Wearable Nature: Summer at the Pier

A couple weeks ago Chloe and I discovered a new park down the road from us where we shot our first wearable nature outfit fashion feature!  It's called the Weaver Park Pier and it's so cute and quiet.

Summer at the pier in any small Florida town is downright magical if I do say so myself.  We got there the day after 4th of July, so there were still leftover fireworks and sparklers that hadn't been cleaned yet.  We took it upon ourselves to pick up litter in between takes.

It was still morning so while the weather was hot and humid, it was bearable.  If you've never been to Florida before, the humidity here is quite oppressive.  That's why Florida living feels so slow compared to other places.

I was able to get at least four different posts out of all the pictures we took, which I can't wait to share with you soon!  There's some good stuff in there.

We even plan to go back when my daughter Veronica comes to visit again on the first of August, she's very pregnant, and we need to do one or more pregnancy photo shoots before the baby comes.  By the way, she's having a little girl named Baby Lillian!

 Summer at the Pier

Let's talk about my outfit for a minute, shall we?  Most of the clothing I'll be wearing for my fashion feature will include like-new secondhand thrift store items and vintage.

There will also in the nearby future be some handmade items too, as well as clothes and accessories from my shopping adventures!

I'm currently in the middle of putting my vintage shop together, which I am so excited about.  This means that some of the items you'll see in my outfit posts will become available for purchase!

Just for the record, not everything in the shop will be clothing.  It will be a mix of premium content (digital downloads), clothing and accessories, and pet plants!  I'm so excited to open its virtual doors.

Pier Outfit Details

The brown flower patterned dress is vintage from the nineties.  I got it for free.  What can I say, people, give me stuff!

The brown moccasins were given to me for free by my daughter Angeleah.  You can read more about her here.  They are Seychelles brand.  I tried to do some research and unfortunately, I think they are made from real leather.  Ugh.  I wish I could get confirmation on this.

I try not to wear leather or fur, unless it's vegan leather, never leather brands.  However, if it's vintage leather or secondhand, I try to pass it along shortly after.

My goal is to try to make my fashion posts for wearable nature as vegan and cruelty-free as possible.  However, if something gets passed along to me, I just try to pass it on so the animals didn't die in vain.  That's my philosophy.

Vintage Straw Bag Details

I have had this handbag for years.  I even had it listed on Etsy at one point when I first started selling vintage in my old store.

It's strawberry and taupe, like the colors of an ice cream cone for a hot summer day.  It's made of straw and it's in perfect condition, made in the seventies.

In case you're wondering, yes it will be in the store that I'm opening.  It's perfect for any summer outfit on-the-go!

 Hairstyle for Summer

I like to wear different hairstyles in the summer to keep my hair off my neck.  I'm sure you can relate.

One of my favorite hairstyles is to put tiny clips on each side of my head then pull back into a ponytail.  Sometimes I leave it down but it usually gets hot and when that happens, I just pull it back with a hair tie and maybe a ribbon

Why I Love Brown

Even though most of the time, I love bright colors that remind me of sunshine and happiness, brown just brings me right back down to earth.  Brown keeps it real by keeping me grounded.

 Shooting Star Tattoo

I have a hot pink shooting star tattoo behind my ear.  I plan to get it updated soon.  I got it because my name is Laurali Star and as a symbol of my business.

No matter how many times in the past I changed hands, the shooting star remains constant in my life.  My pen name stays the same so it has a really special meaning to me.
How's your summer going so far?  I still need to do a trip to the beach soon.  The only thing stopping me is that I'm still not quite where I want to be weight wise.  I've started fasting and working on getting back in shape again.

There's a certain vulnerability about summer.  You wear less to stay cool.  Bathing suit season is fun and all but for this post, I'm glad I was able to wear my little brown dress instead!

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