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Opening a Vintage Clothing and Thrift Shop

I'm opening a vintage clothing and thrift shop for women's clothing and accessories!  It's something that I used to do once upon a time and I'd like to get back into it as a fun side business.

I've recently rekindled my love of fashion and have come to realize that it might be fun to make some cash on the side selling meaningful items that have a nostalgic value to me.  Things like some of my leftover vintage purses from when I used to sell vintage on Etsy, as well as a wedding dress, some like-new dresses, and a vintage red suitcase with sentimental value.

I also plan on using vintage and like-new items from my Wearable Nature fashion feature that I'm starting.  This is because I want to include eco-conscious wear into everything I do, including outfit posts.

While I do plan on using some new items from small independent fashion designers too, most of the time thrift store items, clothes from yard sales, and vintage shop wears are what I'll be using.  It's budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly!

How to Put Together a Vintage Thrift Store

I definitely have my work cut out for me!  While I do plan on writing a complete rundown of how to start a vintage clothing shop, for now, I'll just share some of the highlights.

I have to snap new photographs of my vintage clothing and accessories, as well as any like-new items that are used.  I still have all my old pictures but let's face it, they are old and outdated.  I'm a much better photographer today then I was back in 2012-2013'.  I'd say I've grown exponentially!

I also need to do a little research on the vintage items.  Selling vintage is like taking a class on the history of clothing.  You have to use labels and styles to do some research so that your customer knows exactly what she's getting.

Vintage sizes are different than the standard sizes society wears today, so you have to make sure you measure every length, width, bust size, and more!  It's important to provide a vintage clothing chart of some sort for your customers.

Some items come without an origin and no amount of internet research is going to fix that.  In those cases, it's about providing as many details as you can and filling in the gaps.

Each piece I sell includes a story about the item.  It's just like blogging, in that you want to get to know something personal about the dress, purse, or bracelet your buying.  Marking up stories is something I'm currently working on for my thrift shop!

Reasons for Opening a Vintage Clothing Store

  • It's a great side income!  I believe in using multiple streams of income for your blog biz and this is one way to do that.  For some people, it can even become their full-time job!
  • It's a fun way to explore rummage sales and clothing swaps.  You never know what kind of treasures you may find and you'll develop an eye for it!
  • If you are into the environment, then going the vintage clothing or thrift store route is the best way to do it!  You can even take it a bit further and go into vegan, cruelty-free fashion like I am.
  • It's a more personalized way of connecting with readers and customers
  • You'll get a history lesson in clothing and accessories throughout the different eras.  That's one of my favorite parts of selling vintage and thrift store items!
  • It cost almost nothing to start if you already have some items in your collection to start with.  Even if you don't, it's fun to hit up yard sales on the weekend to find some quality pieces.  
  • It's fun!  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's hard work, but it's still a lot of fun too.  
What about you?  Do you wear vintage clothing?  Do you like to thrift on the weekends?  Tell me about it!

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