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Chloe's Fashion For Young Girls: A Style Guide

 Yesterday, I share a fashion feature with you on what I wore to the pier, which you can read about here.  This time, I wanted to share Chloe's fashion for young girls with you as a style guide.

Chloe and I dress very differently.  Afterall, she's only sixteen.  On occasion, we both borrow outfits from each other like any mom and daughter would do.  However, Chloe has really come into her own style these last couple of years and developed a taste for fashion that's all her own.

One thing about fashion is that it really should say something about you.  It should send a subtle message to the world about who you are.  I think that's what this outfit does for Chloe.

Personality-wise, Chloe has always been a bit of a tomboy.  When she was really little I used to put pigtails in her hair, only for her to yank them out right away.  She hated the ribbons and bows and all that girlie stuff.

Over the years though, I've noticed she wears more skirts and dresses.  I like how she's taken a skirt in this outfit and turned into a bit of a tomboy outfit with the muted colors and the military style jacket.  This is by far one of her favorite outfits.

On a side note: Yesterday she expressed to me she wants some pinstripe pants.  She says she likes the look of a fifties businessman and wants to incorporate it into her wardrobe.  This is where we contrast by a landslide.

I had just said the other day, because I'm currently watching Mad Men for the first time (Season 3 now!), that I really love all of Betty Draper's housewife dresses and Peggy Olsen's work attire for the office.  I love, love, love it.  Chloe liked all the men's wear, lol.

Chloe's Fashion for Young Girls: A Style Guide

I can't say any of this outfit has been thrifted, except maybe the hobo bag that was given to her by her sister.  We bought the military style jacket, which pulls the whole outfit together from Forever 21 a couple years ago.

The brown hiking boots she got from Wal-Mart from all places last winter.  To be honest, we prefer Payless when going for cheap shoes, but the one in our area closed down.  Oddly enough, while Walmart's shoes aren't known for quality, they've lasted through a lot of wear and tear.

The high-waisted skirt Chloe's wearing is from Ross.  The white sunnies she's wearing are also from Ross, along with a black case for the car (not shown).

The brown beaded bracelet which you can add essential oils to was given to her recently by Jason, my daughter Angel's boyfriend.  They took a cruise recently and stopped in the Bahamas and Mexico.  The bracelet is from the Bahamas Cayman Islands.  I got one too :-)

The pocket watch necklace, which she made herself, is tucked inside her shirt.  It was bought at Walmart by my stepfather, but she turned into a necklace because she really loves steampunk.

The blue tank top is also from Ross.  Even though we're trying to transition from mainstream stores, it's only natural that we'd still have some of the old items.  It takes years to phase things out of your wardrobe.

Style Guide for Rebel Girls

Okay, Chloe's not really a rebel.  She's like the sweetest teenager on the planet and I swear by this.  Her style, on the other hand, is very rebel.

I guess you could say she's a rebel in the sense that even though she has different political beliefs than the rest of the family on certain things, she holds true to them.  If that's not a rebel then I don't know what is!

She also likes to do things her own way and doesn't care what others think.  You got to respect that.  It's my fault really.  I have ingrained in my kids from an early age to always question authority.  I can't be surprised when they do.

To Get This Look

To get Chloe's look, you'll need a few interchangeable pieces to add to your wardrobe.  Try to keep eco-conscious fashions in the back of your mind.  I know that's something we're working on in our household.

  • Boots - Chloe chose low cuffed boots, but depending on what you are going for, any hiking boot would do.  I also like the thought of knee-high tie up boots for this outfit.  
  • A High-Waisted Skirt - The skirt should be kept short in order to show off the boots.  It also looks better when a girl wears a short skirt and a long (or longer) jacket, like that Cake song I love so much.  
  • A Tank Top - It's summer so a tank top works underneath the jacket right now.  However, you could even do a simple tee underneath.  I like band t-shirts underneath a look like this.  
  • Military Style Jacket - Any kind of military jacket will do.  I like this one in olive.  I also think you could enhance this look by adding patches to it.  
  • Accessories - Use a hobo bag of some sort.  Chloe's is from the islands because her sister gave it to her.  It pops because the rest of the outfit is in more neutral tones.  Keep jewelry minimal and meaningful.  
As always, whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!  Chloe put this outfit together pretty quickly that day.  That's because she knows herself.  She's confident in her style for young girls.  

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