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Wishlist: Earn $25,000 a Month From Indie Biz

On my Wishlist: Earn $25,000 a Month From Indie Biz through the law of attraction!  It sounds impossible, right?  I think anything your heart wishes and desires is possible.

You can read all my wishlist posts here or head straight over to my wishlist page to watch me manifest my wishes into reality!  I created a wishlist to manifest right before my very eyes.

Money is often one of the more difficult things to manifest for most people.  A lot of us grow up in a poverty or lack mindset that creates resistance when it comes to manifesting money.  Luckily, after many years of consciously using the LOA, I have become really great at manifesting cashflow!

Earn $25,000 a Month From Indie Biz

Why $25,000?  I realize that's a lot of money, but I can't begin to tell you the countless stories I've read about businesses making that much and more.  It. Is. Possible.

It doesn't have anything to do with faith or belief though.  I'll be writing a post soon that covers how the magic of the law of attraction and how it really works.

I have some new and surprising insights into the LOA and it will blow your mind!  It definitely blew mine.  I'm still coming to terms with it.

In the meantime, let's talk about "how" I'm going to manifest $25,000 a month or more by earning it through my indie biz.  Everyone always says the "how" should be left up to the universe.

In some cases that's true.  In this case, I also have to take some action.  I can't expect people to buy from my blog biz if I'm not selling anything.  It's the same with winning the lottery.  You can't expect to ever win the lottery and never purchase a ticket.

I am in the process of working on a subscription service, opening my shop, and starting a sponsor program.  Boom!  All outlets to more money.

What else do I have to remember?  Money is energy.  That's all it really is at the end of the day.  That means, thinking of how I want to use that energy.

It's not about the money itself.  It's about what the money can buy and what it provides.  Here's my list of what I want to spend that $25,000 on for the first month.

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  • I'd stock up on at least a month's worth of pre-made juices.  You know, the kind that has a longer shelf life.  Reason being:  Even though I'm great at making my own juices, I know that stocking up will help me feel prepped for my 21-day and Beyond Juice Fast.  
  • I'd definitely pay off and get ahead on some of my old and recurring bills.  I like to be ahead of the game on finances!
  • You have to spend money to make money, as the old adage goes.  I would invest in maybe opening up more shops under the Girly Nature Lovers name, in order to reach more customers.
  • I'd buy a juicer!  One my wishlist I've asked for a juicer and a Vitamix blender.  With my money, I'll just buy one.
  • Buy Chloe a bunch of books.  That girl is just like her mother, so we'd take a trip to Barnes & Noble and go on a book shopping spree!
  • Buy some new towels.  I want some new towels.  We're going to be moving into a new place anyway, so I'm adding nice, new towels to my shopping list.
  • A new purse would be great.  I haven't bought myself a new purse in a few years.  I'd like to buy a vegan one from Fruitenveg.
  • Buy stuff for Baby Lilly, my granddaughter due in late September.  Nana can't wait to spoil her!
  • Some new clothes, for me and Chloe.  I'd like to get some handmade pieces from Oh Me Oh My Clothing!
These are just some of the things I'd like to spend the energy of money on.  Since we're really talking at a level of making that much on a month-by-month basis, then please know I'll be shopping for Christmas presents and Halloween costumes early.  This is going to be so much fun!

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