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Wearable Nature: Summer, Clean Linen, and Slow Living

Wearable Nature is here and this time it's all about summer, clean linen (which just so happens to remind me of summer), and slow living!  This is also my way of telling my readers that things are changing around here, even as summer churns as slowly as a homemade ice cream maker.  

From now on, I will only be posting on the blog once a month and before you start running for the hills, let me tell you why.  I swear you'll adore this reason!

I am making big changes to Girly Nature Lovers and one of the big things I realized was that I wanted to make Wearable Nature my main squeeze.  Wearable Nature, as the name implies, is a fashion feature that I started awhile back that includes ways to incorporate nature into your fashion style.  

It works for hair accessories, clothing, makeup, etc.  Here are a few to get you started:
Anyhoo, I am going to post this fashion magazine-style feature once a month and this is the first one.  I'm hoping it will help you discover eco-conscious brands and spark a style trend.

Every single Wearable Nature post in the nearby feature will have a pet plant with it!  That's one of its main selling points, except it's free.

Why once a month?  I was going to make a point of doing it seasonally, but thought once a month will build up anticipation and excitement for readers, just like a print magazine!

I also plan on collaborating with some Etsy shops that sell wearable nature such as, Wearable Planter and Judy and Madeleine.  Yay!


It will be downloadable and printable too!  Sweet :-)


So, what else is new?  I am working on my pet plants shop.  In case you know nothing about pet plants, here you go!   

Pet Plants are houseplants with a personality and a name.  At this moment I am building an adoption center where you'll be able to download adoption papers, plant care guides, choose personalities of your pet plant as well as the sex of your plant baby.  I am so proud of this endeavor!  

Summer, Clean Linen, and Slow living

My virtual home sweet home just got a makeover.  How do you like it so far?  I still have pages to fill and a product to get out, but hey, I'm pleased as punch!

I've probably mentioned this many times before, but living in Florida is slow.  Slow living is easy to practice here because the sticky heat and summer rainstorms make it feel like life has suddenly become very quiet and still.

Ozona, Florida is going to have it's own page on my site because I have future plans with small-town charm.  I want to make the place I live even better than it already is and so you'll be seeing more about that on GNL.  

Lately, I've been obsessed with the clean linen smell, sometimes in candles and in sprays.  I am trying to make a recipe for clean linen.  When I finally have the magic ingredients, I'll share it in my Wearable Nature feature!

Moving forward, I just plan on making this a fun, cozy, cool place to visit and hang out, whether it be by newsletter or pet plants or by Wearable Nature.  Again, it will be more about quality over quantity.  

Looking forward to seeing you next month, as I prepare to work out all the details!  Change is definitely in the air, isn't it?  

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