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Pet Plants: Meet Jordan the Pet Aloe Vera Plant

Jordan the aloe vera plant is an aloe vera pup is a bit of a daredevil, always engaging in adrenaline-inducing activities with his buddies.

Underneath all that bravado, Jordan is a real softie.  He walks his little sis to Kindergarten every day, is best friend's with a dog named Sweetie and helps his Mom in the kitchen whenever he gets a chance.  

Since Jordan is growing up, his mom feels it's time for him to leave the nest.  He's looking for a home with fun-loving, genuine people.  Maybe that could be you!

How to adopt Jordan?  Leave a long, meaningful comment on why you think Jordan would be a good fit for you and your family.  

The person who leaves the best comment will get to adopt Jordan, no shipping, and no strings attached!  

Grownup Aloe Vera Plant

In the picture above, you can clearly see how big Jordan will grow, maybe even bigger!  Jordan is an aloe vera pup baby produced by Matilda the Aloe Vera Plant, she's like the mother ship of all my aloe vera plant babies.

What Jordan Comes With:

Jordan the Aloe Vera Plant - Comes with a name and adoption papers, as well as plant care instructions.  He will start out as a baby and grow to your delight!  He needs plenty of sunshine, light on the watering, and is perfect for easy maintenance.  

Your aloe vera plant baby will come with:

*  1 aloe vera plant baby (About 7 inches in length)

*  Organic soil, minus the pea pot shown in the picture.

*  Adoption papers and plant care guidelines

*  Comes with a name that suits him or her!

*  Comes with a personality chart!

*  All pet plants come with secret mailbox surprises!

Can be used for:  

*  Medicinal purposes and first aide

*  Houseplant and family member

*  Beauty Recipes

*  As food for juices and smoothies

*  Emotional healing and to open your heart

Pairs well with:

*  Rose quartz crystals (for heart opening, romantic relationships, emotional healing, and medicinal purposes on a spiritual level).

Aloe Vera Plants:

*  Are easy to take care of, very low maintenance

*  Have multiple uses and are multi-purpose

*  Are asexual and will create their own offspring, as they grow larger.  

*  Have their own personalities and either a masculine or feminine energy

*  Have magical healing properties

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