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Pet Plants: DIY Plant Art Fun

Did you know that you can turn pet plants into plant art?  It's a fun hobby of mine that I started when I moved into this place.  It's also something creative you can do with your kids this summer!

What got me into it?  To be honest, it was my porch.  I have a cute little porch with a yard beyond it with some of the richest, greenest grass you ever did see.  You can see my lawn in this post.

Last summer, I gave my porch a makeover.  The results, just like when you clean your house, open you up to creativity!

I cleaned it up first and washed everything down with the hose, then I used feng shui for placement.  I arranged my flowers and plants carefully.  I added rocks and gemstones in cool places too!

After I gave my porch a makeover, I started doing more stuff outside again.  One of those things was nature art!

Pet Plants: Plant Art


  • Donkey Tail Plant
  • Cactus (Any kind that is soft like the one pictured with the donkey tail)
  • Garden Gloves in a variety of colors
  • Seeds or seedlings (meaning sprouts and such)

DIY Nature Art For Summer

This is for this specific work of art, but here are some other options for those who'd like to try some other plant art.

  • A cute pair of sunglasses or sunnies in bright colors and different shapes
  • Garden tools
  • Seed Packets
  • Rocks 
  • Gemstones
  • Rich soil
  • A straw sun hat
  • Mushrooms
  • Flowers
  • Flower Stems
  • Pennies
  • Sand
Whatever!  Just get creative and turn your pet plants into works of art.  Give them faces or faces with sunglasses.  
Bend them into different shapes and mesh different colors together.  Like a pink plant or flower with a dark green stem.  

Shapes to Try:
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • The Sun
  • A picturesque scene
  • The Moon
  • Spell out a word or expression
  • Faces
  • A bow for a girl
Be sure to take lots of pictures!  Have fun with it.  My kids are all pretty much grown, my youngest is sixteen, and we still live for creative projects.  

I even have a cupboard completely devoted to art projects called my creativity cupboard.  It goes to show that you're never too old to have a little plant art fun!

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