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Orange Creamsicle Natural Energy Shot

 The other night I couldn't sleep.  When I get insomnia, which is more often than not, I often start dreaming up ideas and recipes.  The Orange Creamsicle Natural Energy Shot is my take on the popular frozen treat!

Have you ever seen the movie Waitress?  The main character bakes pies.  All kinds of magical pie concoctions in her head.  That was literally me the other night!

Since I do suffer from insomnia a few times a week, sometimes a girl needs more than coffee to stay awake.  She needs something natural.  She needs an all natural, organic energy shot.

One thing I forgot to mention.  Apparently, visualization works!  The orange creamsicle came out as good, if not better than what I expected.  It even tasted how I dreamed it would.

Natural Energy Shot Nutrition

Cashews - Not only do cashews help you with digestion and a strong dose of zinc, they make you feel powerful and in control.  Cashews give you inner power and strength, which can be a great comfort to you.

Oranges - Florida oranges are the best.  I always look forward to orange blossom season every year.  It may bring a sneeze or two, but it smells so fresh and citrusy!  Oranges are known for their whopping dose of vitamin C.  This is where a lot of the energy comes from in this juice recipe!

Pineapple Juice - I use Dole.  Pineapple juice aids in fiber and digestion, reduces inflammation and belly bloat, and it's important to note it has a whopping 23mg of vitamin c too.  Sweet!

Bananas - Bananas are known for monkeys, and well, potassium. They are also a great source of fiber and carbohydrates. You know, the complex, healthy kind. Plus, they taste good!  You can't see them in the bowl because they are really well hidden, but they are in there.

Almond Milk - is processed, though it is quite easy and possible to make your own, by soaking them overnight. Almond milk is fortified with rich vitamins and minerals, including lots of protein.

Almond milk is dairy and lactose-free, gluten free, cholesterol free, soy free, plus vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin E, and calcium, again, for strong bones and teeth!

I personally used to hate it, not really hate it, but I didn't have a personal use for it. Almond milk makes a great base for converting to an all plant-based diet, eating healthy, and for cold cereals, vegan bowls, and smoothies. Love me some almond milk!

Orange Creamsicle FAQ's

The orange creamsicle natural energy shot acts as both an energy booster and an immunity booster.  It's like when you go into a juice shop and ask for a boost to go with your juice or smoothie.  Only everything you need is right here in one revitalizing order!

When to drink this:  First thing in the morning, preferable apart from coffee, as something about coffee and citrus juice don't mix.  Another great time to take an energy shot is when you have an afternoon energy slump.  

Is it kid-friendly?  Yup.  Much better than the likes of sugary drinks like Sunny D.  I'd only give this to kids in the morning, so they have the whole day to wear it off or on the morning of a test or spelling bee.The Booksmart Blueberry Juice Recipe also works great for hitting the books and memory retention.

Will it keep me up at night?  Nope.  This is an all-natural, organic energy shot.  There's nothing synthetic in it.  It also makes a great treat!

Will I have an energy crash like I do with coffee?  Absolutely not!  It's a gentle energy boost.  There's nothing in it that will tamper with your natural energy levels.

Pinup Juice Recipe

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Orange Creamsicle Natural Energy Shot

  • 1 whole orange (including the pulp)
  • 1 cup of Dole pineapple juice
  • 1 cup of almond milk original flavor
  • 1 whole medium to large banana
  • 1 tablespoon of raw cashews for nutty flavor
  1. Use three juicing cups for measurement and mixing.  Fill one with pineapple juice, one with a whole orange fruit (minus the peel), and one with the almond milk.
  2. Now take the banana and mix it with the almond milk and cashews.  Blend well.
  3. Take the orange and mix it with the pineapple juice and blend well.  
  4. Mix them all together in one large juicing cup or a Vitamix blender.  Add a couple of ice cubes for creamsicle effect and creamy texture.
  5. Pour energy drink into a shot glass.  For mine, I used a small glass jar for repurposing.  
  6. Drink up fast! 
You'll have plenty left over, so keep drinking it throughout the day if you like.  Waste not, want not.  

For the orange peel:  Next, take the orange peel and run it down the garbage disposal. That way, your recycling. It also creates a fresh orange smell in the kitchen.

Prep time: 5Cook time: Total time: 5Yields: 1
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