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My Nature-Inspired Lifestyle Design Blueprint

I have decided to share my nature-inspired lifestyle design blueprint with you in hopes of maybe creating a spark within you to make your own!  Nature's feel-good earthy vibes tend to make life all around better.  Don't you think?

In case you haven't figured it out yet from the content of this blog, my whole life is about nature.  I believe that as humans if we were to connect with nature more, we'd have fewer health problems, less mental breakdowns, and more abundance!

This especially has proven to be true in my own life!  Being connected to nature has made me a more gentle, loving person.  So, without further ado, here is my nature-inspired blueprint for life!

My Nature-Inspired Goals

Nature no doubt has my heart, but it's the little things inside the earth realm that make me appreciate all the wonders of this world.  I believe in taking little moments and turning them into big moments, which you can read about in my post on Indie Life.

Here are a few little goals that have big benefits if I were to achieve them or have them in my life.  Enjoy!

  1. Succulents - Be a better succulent mom to my plants.  I'm great at taking care of most bladed plants (see my pet aloe vera plant Matilda for proof, ha!) and prickly plants too, but when it comes to succulents, it seems I tend to overwater them and fuss over them too much or not enough.  So, I want to be a better succulent mom.  Does anyone else out there have this problem?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!
  2. Chameleon - I want to adopt a pet Flap-Neck Chameleon.  I used to have a pet bearded dragon named Persephene and he lived for five years.  He died about five years ago and I was devastated.  In fact, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to adopt another pet again besides my pet plants.  Over the last year, I felt ready for a pet again so I toyed with some new ideas.  I thought about a hedgehog, a snake, a tarantula, etc. but I knew that it had to resonate with me.  Then one day I was on Clever Bloom and saw a picture with a pet chameleon hanging from a plant.  It was love at first sight!  I heard birds singing, I saw sparkles in the air, and I knew that I would adopt another lizard and welcome her to our family.  I can't wait to be a pet chameleon mom, seriously guys!
  3. Pet Plants Adoption Center - I am in the middle of creating a pet plant adoption center where you signup for a subscription and get a free pet plant, which I touched on here.  Either a cactus, succulent, aloe vera plant, air plant, or mystery plant will be the free prize for joining.  The adoption center will have lots of personality profiles for each plant (see here for an example), adoption papers where you can also choose the sex of your plant baby, plant care guides and tips, DIY Planter projects, how to make your own soil, and more!  What do you think?  If your as obsessed with houseplants as I am, you'll really get a kick out of this.  
  4. Talking Gemstones - I am creating a newsletter called Talking Gemstones, which you can signup, for now, to get on the list!  Just so you know, when you signup for the newsletter, you'll automatically get a free talking gemstone in your mailbox, delivered right to your house.  Pretty awesome, right?  I wanted to create a newsletter about healing crystals because people tend to carry them on their person everywhere.  They also have a magical effect on your home, body, and on your mental well-being.  I'm going to create crystal related topics too, like how to bring more sparkle into your life and things like that.  Learn about the magic of gemstones and how to make a crystal grid to get started.
  5. Wearable Nature - I spoke about this yesterday, but I really want wearable nature to become a mini fashion magazine for my blog.  I want my readers to be able to head over to the wearable nature page for resources on the kind of wearable planters I use, eco-conscious brands, and more!  My plan is to collaborate with brands that incorporate nature into fashion to make cute outfits that anyone can wear.
  6. Zero Waste - My plan is to go as zero waste as possible.  We do recycle at my house, pick up litter when we go for walks, and eat as plant-based as possible, but it's never enough.  I really want to be a better person.  I have another grandchild on the way, which you can read about here, and I want her to live on a clean earth with clean air.  To be honest, my daughter Chloe was the first one to inspire me to zero waste, which you can read about in Kinfolk Style Organic Orange Carrots.
  7. Plant-Based Diet - I've decided to label myself plant-based versus vegan, even though I still live as vegan as possible.  I actually plan to write a post about it soon but haven't felt ready to talk about it yet.  I don't want to be vegan anymore because of how restrictive the title is and how some people in the vegan community have acted.  I call them purists.  I feel like being plant-based is much more flexible, but still the goal.  Check out my cookbook for vegan recipes!
P.S. In case you were wondering, I'd never, ever eat meat again.  In fact, I'd rather die first.  But I also need there to be a goal in sight, to eat as plant-based and vegan as possible, without having to be 100% perfect.  Why?  because I'm human.  I'm flawed and I'm not perfect.  I also feel like people hold you to a higher standard if you use the vegan label and I don't want to let people down.

How to Make Your Own Nature-Inspired Lifestyle Design Blueprint

There you have it,, my nature-inspired lifestyle design blueprint in a nutshell!  What do you think?  I actually do have more goals, but I'd like to touch on them at a later time when things are more concrete.  I guess you could say I'm saving the best for last.

How to make your own nature-inspired lifestyle design blueprint:

  • Get a pen and paper or maybe use an online journal or blog to write out what you want.  Writing it out makes it more concrete and sends a message to the universe that clearly states what you wish for and desire.  The universe will then conspire to make it happen for you.
  • Think about the natural world around you.  What creates a spark in you?  What are you passionate about?  For example, do you feel passionate about animals?  Maybe there's something more to it.  Maybe you really love going to the beach and really want to work on reducing single-use plastic in the world.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless!
  • Do you need to lose weight but lack motivation and inspiration?  This could be a two-in-one!  You could make it a goal to eat a more plant-based diet and go hiking a few times a week.  
  • Been thinking of adopting a pet, but don't really have a lot of free time to care for it properly?  You could adopt a pet plant, which is a houseplant with a name and personality!  You could even add a talking gemstone to your collection.  
  • Just write as many possibilities as you like then narrow them down using your intuition.  Even if you only end up with a few items, that really helps you to concentrate on fewer things with more intention and purpose.  Most of all, have fun with it!  This is for you.  It's not homework, you're not getting tested on it, just relax and dream up possibilities.  
Thanks so much for reading!  I can't wait to share my big nature-inspired goals in the nearby future. 

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