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Mermaid Beach Nostalgia

I'm having a serious case of Mermaid Beach Nostalgia!  Never heard of it?  It's basically where you live by the beach, but haven't gotten into the water in so long, your legs are practically melting into a mermaid tail!

I am missing those Florida beaches!  I need a beach day and we actually have one coming up soon.  Can't wait!

It's funny, living in Florida you'd think that I'd be at the beach every day all the time.  A lot of tourists think that.  It's so not the case!

People get busy and caught up in their lives here, just like anywhere else.  I do live right by the ocean and the nearest beach, The Dunedin Causeway, is only a five-minute drive from my house.  I'm very, very lucky!

Here's the thing.  In the past few years, I've only wanted to have a "real" beach maybe once or twice.  I mean a day where you stay a couple hours and get in the water and play.

Instead, I've opted for lots of beach trips at weird times.  For example, I love going to the beach in the summer right when the clouds are black and it's about to storm.  I get some really great pictures when this happens!

Just like any Floridian, I really love going to the beach at sunset in the summer.  Here is my perfect description of a sunset that happened with my oldest daughter Angel and I a few years ago called Indie Life.  Literally, my best sunset at the beach ever!

We Need a Beach Day 

All of those times of going to the beach are fun.  Really fun.  Lots of great memories of getting caught in the rain, finding cool sea creatures, and feeling connected to both nature and the human race.  Love it!

But, we girls do need a beach day.  Big time.  Plus, I have a pregnancy photo shoot planned for V with a white dress.  She plans to get her baby bump wet, have the dress cling to her belly, and have a swimsuit underneath.

Summer Storms in Florida

It rains a lot in Florida in the summertime.  I mean a lot.  Usually, there's an afternoon storm that comes and goes.  When that happens, we want to be there!

You can see the storm brewing in the background as my daughter Angeleah takes selfies, lol.  Pictures of people taking pictures.

Give Me Some Sunshine, Please!

I think its safe to say, it's time for sunshine too.  I think I haven't wanted to go because it gets so hot here in the summertime.  Even at the beach, it feels like many suns shining down on you at once.

This summer I want to go for a few reasons.  I've been really working out a lot this year, so I want to show off my efforts.  Although these last couple of weeks I've been in total slacker mode.

Getting some new beach photographs would be ideal.  I love my nature photo shoots with the girls.

I want to find some more sea creatures.  We've found some really cool fish pups, horseshoe crabs, seahorses, and even an octopus before!

I miss the beach.  Plain and simple.  I miss hanging out in my swimsuit.  I went from being this confident woman to this shy little hermit crab these last few years.  It's time to come out of my shell!

Any beach plans this summer?  Tell me all about it!  You can get my Blue Crush Ocean Discovery Kit for free, by the way :-)

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