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Learning to Sew My Own Handmade Clothes

I am going to start learning how to sew my own handmade clothes!  Sewing has been on my to-do list ever since I can remember, but I've always been intimidated by it.  I thought about it, contemplated it, and decided right now is the perfect time to start!

My obsession with handmade clothing started when I was a little girl.  An older family member sewed a cotton Holly Hobbie dress for me.  After that, I fell head-over-heels in love with handmade clothing!

Only I couldn't sew and I didn't have the kind of mom that could teach me homemade things.  I had a working mom who couldn't cook or sew.  That was the beginning of my lack of confidence in sewing.

As a teenager, I took some college classes for fashion design and fashion marketing.  We did some sewing in there and something about sewing in front of other people gave me anxiety.  I did make a cute plaid skirt, but I needed a lot of extra help from the instructor.

It was embarrassing, to say the least.  Now, I'm a grownup and I want to conquer this fear I have of sewing from the safety and comfort of my home.

My daughter Chloe, my youngest, has expressed to me that she would like to learn to sew.  We'd both like to make some handmade clothes for ourselves and V's new baby, which you can read about here

It be nice to be able to hem our own clothes when we need it, especially since we wear a lot of hand-me-down and thrift store finds, as well as vintage.  There's something special about getting a compliment on your dress or skirt and being able to say that you made it yourself.

It definitely gives me the warm and fuzzies!  It takes me back to that special place in time with twirling skirts on a summer day.

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I'm putting a sewing machine on my wishlist soon!  I'm going to start slow, start with patterns, and take a self-paced e-course.  I just have to find one!

Tell me, what fears do you want to conquer?  Is there one thing you've been wanting to try, but have put it off for what seems like indefinitely?  It's never too late to start.  I'm a testament to that!

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