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Girly Nature Pregnancy: Meet Baby Lilly (Coming Soon!)

Veronica is having a Girly Nature Pregnancy with Baby Lilly!  It's a really happy time for us as we prepare to welcome Baby Lilly to the family.  We never thought we could be happy again after what happened to Baby Noah, which you can read about here, but here we are.

Even though this post is about the announcement of our new baby girl in the family, Noah would be one this month and I can't help but think about him.  I like to think he's watching over his sister from heaven.  He was such an intense little earth angel.

This past year has been tough on all of us, but no one more than my daughter Veronica.  She just turned nineteen years old and she's been through more than most people go through in an entire lifetime.  To feel her suffering during the holidays was almost unbearable.

Veronica was an amazing mother to Baby Noah and I know she will be for Baby Lilly who is coming soon!  Somewhat soon.  We still have a few months to go.  She's six-months pregnant.

Veronica has matured so much and has become this beautiful young woman who I would admire even if she weren't my daughter.  To think that she gets to have that mother-daughter bond with her own child makes me really happy!

Meet Baby Lilly (Coming Soon!)

Right now, we're all trying to prepare for a new baby in the family.  We're actually looking forward to the holidays this year, especially Christmas.

Last year, we missed all the holidays we would have had with Noah.  I couldn't even try to pretend to enjoy Christmas when I knew my daughter (Veronica) was suffering.  I could feel her pain from miles away.

This year, we finally feel ready to include Noah in our holidays.  We're still grieving, but the pain has settled in.  We're in a place now where most days we can manage it.

I still get a lot of phone calls and text messages from Veronica missing Noah so much it hurts.  He's everywhere.  I feel him too.

I know that Mother's day was a particularly hard day for her.  I made sure to text message her because I wanted her to know that she's still a mother even if her baby isn't here anymore.  She's a mother to both Noah and Lilly.

Pregnancy Happiness

Veronica is getting very excited for her baby girl to come into the world.  She definitely glows when she's pregnant, but being a mother makes her shine.  She's one of the most hands-on parent's I've ever seen.

One of the things she has talked about is practicing gentle parenting.  I don't know a lot about that style of parenting, but I'm willing to learn.

One of the things I hope to have passed onto her is free-range parenting.  I mean, I did free-range before it was a thing.  I just always wanted my children to be spirited and follow their own paths and they have.

The happiness of this pregnancy has opened up the discussion for parenting ideas.  I can see now how I could have done things better, but I can also see all the things I did right.  I try to talk about those things with her.

One of the things I wish for the most is that she can become a best friend with her daughter, which I'm sure she will.  I think when you have kids young in life like I have and now Veronica, it's easier to connect with your child on a friendship level.

Being a best friend and parent is the perfect parenting combo.  There are times we fight.  There are times we laugh and have fun.  It's a real relationship and I really hope Veronica gets to have that with her little girl.

This pregnancy and Baby Lilly is happiness!  It feels so good to feel a little happiness again after grieving for so long.  We love you Baby Noah, we always will.  We also love you Baby Lilly and we know your big brother loves you so much too!

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