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Chloe's Gardening Tips for Young Girls

It's no secret that my daughters love to garden, hike, and spend time in nature.  Even when they were teenagers!  Since Chloe is still a teenage girl, she'd like to share some gardening tips for young girls.

First of all, Chloe does a lot of my outdoor gardening.  I am more of a houseplant girl myself and she takes care of things in my place when I get lazy.  You can read more about Chloe on the about page.

In fact, it was Chloe's idea to start growing our own organic vegetables in a pot, which you can read about here and here.  She's really good at keeping flowers actually, something I'm less good about unless they live inside the house.
One of the reasons Chloe wanted to share these gardening tips for young girls is because teenagers can garden too!  It's kind of relaxing, like cooking or meditation.  It puts you in a meditative state.

Being a teenager comes with a lot of pressure and gardening is one way to alleviate the anxiousness of homework, parents, and work.  It's a fun way to unwind.

Plus, it feels really awesome to get good at something!  Chloe has made our outdoors porch gardens come to life and she's really proud of it, as she should be.

Another thing is, for parents out there, getting young girls (or boys) into gardening keeps them out of trouble.  Chloe's a really good kid and the sweetest teenager I know.  Who knows?  Maybe gardening has something to do with that.

Sometimes we like to garden together, so it's a great way to bond with your kid.  It teaches them to respect nature, to learn a skill, and to find a balance.  Some of our best memories were made in the garden!

Chloe's Gardening Tips For Young Girls

  • Be sure to buy plants that can handle direct sunlight so you don't have to fuss over them or move them constantly.
  • Keep a watering schedule
  • Check in with your plants every few days
  • Wear gloves when planting or weeding
  • Don't be afraid to plant flowers on your porch or in your garden.  Some of them are pretty easy!

How to Keep a Watering Schedule

For the first couple of weeks, see how many days you can go until your next watering.  Then, make a schedule around that and the other activities in your life.

Other activities like school, work, and hanging out with friends.  Maybe you can plan a certain couple days of the week to water based on that schedule.  Say, watering your plants every Wednesday and Saturday as your goal.  

It helps a lot to keep track of what your plant's needs are!  Plants have personalities too.  That's why it's best to start with plants and flowers that can handle a lot of weather and bounce back.  

If you worry about your plants because you have a busy schedule due to school and soccer, you can always use ice cubes in between.  One or two ice cubes every couple days should do the trick!

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