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Wishlist: Trending Mermaid Tail Blankets

 It is an ever growing, evolving list.  I am by no means what I would call a trendy person but sometimes you see a trend go viral that you want to shout from the rooftops.  That trend is Mermaid Tail blankets!

I love the fact that on Pinterest, not only have mermaid tail blankets gone viral but they even have DIY on how to make them.  I personally thought that was both cute and clever!

Living in Florida, we think about mermaids a lot.  How can you not live next to the ocean?  

I've also noticed that lately I've been thinking about them a lot and writing a good bit about these mythical creatures.  They are the darlings of the sea!

I recently wrote this book review on the Tao of Mermaids by Kitty Bishop, which is a book I read about the metaphysical properties of mermaids.  It teaches you how to contact them and be alert to them in your life.  All signs point to the sea!

As you can see, I've got a little summer obsession going on with mermaids.  That being said, I opened my Pinterest the other day and saw these mermaid tails appear from out of nowhere.

I'm thinking that I'd love to have one, as well as to buy one for each of my girls.  I think they would make a great Christmas gift.

What do you think about the mermaid tail trend?  Trendy or here to stay?  As a huge mermaid fan and sea lover, I kind of hope they stick around.

Credit:  Picture by Chicnico and Mermaid Party to Be Adored sells for $48.99 currently!  You can even choose a different color if you like!

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