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Wishlist: A Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

On my Wishlist: A Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  When I think back to all the cool places that I've lived and visited, there's one place that always sticks out to me and that's the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

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Before I ever moved to Florida, a little more than twenty years ago and all of my adult life, I had that same feeling.  I love Florida so much.  It's home to me.

It's the place where I raised my daughters and their place of birth.  It stretches in my heart and in some ways, maybe that's the problem.  It's really hard to let go of something you've invested in.

My kids are getting older now and it's time for me to settle into the kind of life that I want.  I have the small-town life here but this coast of Florida is a very busy place with too many people.

I've been really putting a lot of thought into it, after years of thinking about it.  Something kept pulling me here (Florida), but something kept pulling me to the mountains too.  

I have decided that I want the best of both worlds.  People do it all the time, right?  I'd like to get a cabin to live in part of the time or whenever I just need to get away.  

A Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

My ideal situation would be to be one of those annoying snowbirds eventually.  More realistically, my kids will go where I go.  We are all so intricately webbed together.

My Mom and Stepdad vacation in West Jefferson, North Carolina every year.  They just happened to bring us along this time, which I am eternally grateful for!

The thing is, I found the place I long to be.  Chloe and I did our research and found the town we want to get our cabin.  We did have a short stint in North Carolina in the winter but it wasn't the right time for us, so we returned to our origins.

How about you?  Have you ever felt a connection to a place that was so strong, you knew someday you were going to move there?  Even just part-time?  It's just one of those things a girl always knows in her heart of hearts. 

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