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The Future of Blogging 2018': Halcyon Days

Even though we're well into 2018, I thought it's better late than never to write a blog post about the future of blogging!  This year's theme, that I believe will carry into the next year or so, is a return to halcyon days.

I read a lot of different types of blogs, and when I do, I read between the lines of the context.  One of the things I've been hearing a lot of is that a lot of popular bloggers miss their "golden years" in blogging, their halcyon days if you will.

They want to start posting more personal stuff, more updates about their kids and home life and connect with their readers in a more endearing way.

When you listen, you get answers!  When I read a lot of blog posts about this subject, it tells me something really important.  It tells me bloggers are feeling burned out on the constant stream of planned posts.

Bloggers are feeling a strong urge and desire to reach out and connect at a deeper level with their readers.  They want to return to a state of innocence in blogging.

There's definitely a blogging trend that is driven by a state of pure nostalgia.  Because of this, I see a trend in the works.  The trend is to return to the good ole' days of blogging.

For many bloggers, that time period was the golden years of the lifestyle blogger  When the more popular bloggers first started out, there was no framework for creating a blog biz.

The Trailblazers had to do a lot of posting for the pure enjoyment of it.  A lot of it was experimental and done through trial and error.  Many didn't have a niche, and these people fell under the lifestyle blogger umbrella.

How do these trends affect you as a blogger?  Let's take a look at that, shall we?

Lifestyle Bloggers Make a Comeback With a Niche

The lifestyle blog, something that a lot of people have considered to be dormant, will be making a comeback.  Only this time, lifestyle blogging will become niche based.

In the golden years of lifestyle blogging, lifestyle blogging was more of a broad term that you could use when your blog covers multiple topics that sometimes don't match each other.  In 2018', lifestyle blogs will choose a niche.

It is almost necessary to have a niche in any form of blogging nowadays, and this still holds true for the new & improved lifestyle blogger.  For example, you might see a lifestyle blog with a heavy emphasis on nature.  A great example of that would be The Dainty Squid Blog.

Another example of a lifestyle blog with a niche is a lifestyle blogger who writes creative stories.  She still talks about her life in general, but the emphasis is on the fictional stories she creates.

Lifestyle bloggers are going to be making a huge comeback in 2018 and well into 2019, only this time with that one thing that makes them pop, and stand out above the rest!

Want to create a lifestyle blog that's fresh and modern?  Choose a niche!

Personal Blog Posts and Separate Personal Blogs

Another thing that's trending in the blogosphere, is that I'm seeing a lot more personal posts and a rise in separate private blogs.

I've been doing this since 2014' because I like to have a place to keep my more personal thoughts and ramblings, separate from my business blog.

A lot of popular bloggers are following suit.  For example, Melissa from Bubby and Bean, a popular lifestyle blog, has been writing more personal posts.

Sometimes it's a personal post about her kids and motherhood, and other times it's just her own personal thoughts on something.  This is her way of deeply connecting with her readers.

Liz from Delightfully Tacky recently re-branded her blog biz, by changing the name to The Brave Life.

First, she started with a separate blog that covered really personal topics, like her pregnancy and childbirth.  Then she made the leap and has now converted it to become fully integrated with her business and brand.

I have been seeing a lot of original trailblazer bloggers, return to what made them so popular in the first place.  I plan on finding a way to integrate my diaries into my business too, as a more personal way for readers to get to know me better.  I'm in the middle of that conversion now.

Like this trend?  Give it a try!  You can either create a separate blog for it, or just start with one post and category, and see where the trend takes you.

Blog Design With a Nostalgic Look & Feel

Another thing that's been making a comeback this year, is backgrounds and graphic designs that are made of childhood dreams.  They definitely make you feel like you're returning to your halcyon days!

Backgrounds kind of ceased to exist.  Depending on your web host, they can be a time suck, and slow down your site.  Use this trend sparingly!

What does that mean?  Either bright colors or soft pastels and Easter colors.  By bright colors, I mean colors that can be found in nature that pop!  The colors of that remind you of childhood.

Kelly green grass, a colorful rainbow hue, and the colors of soft, fluffy white bunnies with baby pink ears and noses.  Those kinds of colors!

You'll see a lot of that on my blog, but this has always been the way that I am.  It's not a trend for me.  Any blog I've ever had has had a childlike, nostalgic feel because in real-life, that's how I am.

 Currently, I'm in the process of redesigning my blog as a website, so you'll see even more personal touches of me, as time goes on.

The point is, you're going to see a lot of the feminine and girly touches that used to make up the look of the old Blogger blogs.  Remember those?

They always had matching everything.  Matching backgrounds and similar graphics that made you feel like you were at home with a welcome mat rolled out for you.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography never really went away completely, but it did become dormant for a while.  This year and beyond, you're going to see a lot more lifestyle photography.  This is the act of capturing random magical moments in real-life situations.

Reason being: Lifestyle photography signifies a return to halcyon days for bloggers.  It's less planned, more spirited.  This goes along with wanting to recapture what was lost.

The modern approach to lifestyle photography is to put on your rose-colored glasses.  While a more cynical approach to life, might be to see the world through the lens in a negative way, the optimistic approach will be to see through the lens of a child.

This means a lot more pictures that bring back memories, patterns, and nostalgia.  A clothesline, for example, might take on significance.  Why?  Because it reminds you of more simpler times.

It's kind of funny how all the things people were complaining about with blogging, the sun-filtered photographs of days gone by, will begin to make a reappearance.  It will add an element of both magic and realism to blogging.

In other words, real-world views and personal, touchy subjects combined with a pinch of sunnier optimism in their pictures.  Again, it's a return to the days of old.

This year, it's all about capturing what has been lost to us in blogging.  Many of us are feeling the crunch, and want to get in touch with our inner child.

Making the Blog Your Social Media Platform Again

The blog will become important again.  I don't know if you've noticed this, but now that bloggers are making money from their blogs, the blog has taken a back seat.  Not on every blog, of course, but on many of the popular ones.

Blogging will become the business, the social network, the center of the universe for bloggers...again!  A lot of big name bloggers have either left their platforms from burnout or have turned off their comments, hopping over to the latest social media platform.

This year and beyond, you're going to see a lot of bloggers channeling their energies back into their blogs.  The blog is what made them popular and successful in the first place.  In a way, it's like they are going to reinvent themselves through their blogs.

You're going to see blogs picking up with old blogging trends.  Trends like link parties, grab badges, and blog hops.  Some blogs have never stopped using them.  For those blogs, you may see them reinvent the way they are currently blogging.

For blogs who have kind of run themselves off the tracks, you're going to see them return to whatever created a connection between herself and the reader in the first place.  As far as these trends of old, they are making a comeback, so be sure to look out for them or participate yourself!

Life is Better With a Soundtrack

This is a trend that very few bloggers still use to this day.  Music and blogging really do go hand-in-hand together when you think about it, but it has to be done the right way.

A lot of indie music artists were getting noticed back in the early-to-mid-2000's, because of lifestyle bloggers.  I see this trend making a comeback!

One of the things I remember about blogging back then was that lyrics sometimes became the title of the blog post.  This isn't going to be the case at all this year.  This time around, you're going to see people making playlists they can share on their blog, usually to a specific thing.

In other words, a playlist for doing creative work, a soundtrack here and there for getting inspired to write a blog post, that sort of thing.  You're also going to see bloggers, like myself, begin to use their YouTube channel to create playlists, as part of their social media.  An example of that would be Alex Rainbird Music.

Music is one of those things that never gets old and never goes out of style.  As a blogger, you just might find yourself using it in a new way.  This is a great way to help your favorite indie artists become well-known.

Bloggers are going backward in time.  This has happened a lot throughout history, and it's the reason nostalgia remains popular, in all venues of life.

 Bloggers are looking to recapture the magic and charm they felt when they first started blogging in the early to mid-2000's.

The future of blogging in 2018' depends on you.  What blog trends do you plan to utilize on your blog?  Do you plan to return to your halcyon days of blogging?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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