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Raw Fruit Bowl With Almond Milk and Hemp Seeds

Raw Fruit Bowl With Almond Milk and Hemp Seeds is Gluten-Free and Vegan-Friendly. It tastes delicious and it happens to be my all-time favorite breakfast!

When I was a little girl, it seemed like I lived off cereal.  To this day, I'm still crazy about breakfast cereal, only I like it anytime throughout the day!

This is my grownup version of a bowl of cereal.  It's still sugary sweet, only with natural sugars commonly found in nature.

The raw fruit bowl consists of a variety of antioxidant-rich fruit, protein from almond milk, and hemp seeds which consist of rich omega 3's.  It's super simple to put together and if you have kids, it's so sweet they will be sure to love it too!
Nutrition For Hemp Seeds - Hemp seeds are filled to the brim with healthy fats.  Those healthy fats stem from the omega 3's and omega 6's, both highly important for heart health.  Some other bennies that are less well-known with hemp seeds is that they help alleviate the symptoms of PMS.  I personally found that to be a tried and true benefit!

Almond Milk - is processed, though it is quite easy and possible to make your own, by soaking them overnight. Almond milk is fortified with rich vitamins and minerals, including lots of protein.

Almond milk is dairy and lactose-free, gluten free, cholesterol free, soy free, plus vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin E, and calcium, again, for strong bones and teeth!

I personally used to hate it, not really hate it, but I didn't have a personal use for it. Almond milk makes a great base for converting to an all plant-based diet, eating healthy, and for cold cereals, vegan bowls, and smoothies. Love me some almond milk!

Bananas - Bananas are known for monkeys, and well, potassium. They are also a great source of fiber and carbohydrates. You know, the complex, healthy kind. Plus, they taste good!  You can't see them in the bowl because they are really well hidden, but they are in there.

Strawberries - contain a whopping dose of vitamin C! Vitamin C represents a boost in energy and a sunshiney attitude! Strawberries are also cultivated with an awesome amount of antioxidants, which make them perfect for skincare and healing from the inside/out. Strawberries are also great for dental care. they actually whiten your teeth and maintain healthy dental care. In addition to those astonishing facts, strawberries contain: 

  • Mineral Manganese 
  • Fiber
  • folate
  • Potassium
  • Biotin
  • Phosphorous 
  • Magnesium 
  • Vitamin B6
  • Omega 3-Fats
To be honest, that's not all! Strawberries are just the perfect berry for everything. Good for skin, hair, and nails!

Blueberries - are known to help memory retention and assist with studying, taking tests, and hitting the books hard. Perfect for back to school and to assist with making you mentally alert and focused.

Beyond that, blueberries are packed with vitamin C, something to get your day going and give you an energy boost! They are also filled with folate, fiber for digestion, vitamin B6, and they are fab for lowering your overall blood cholesterol. Good stuff, right?

Raw Fruit Bowl With Almond Milk and Hemp Seeds

The Raw Fruit Bowl With Almond Milk and Hemp Seeds is the perfect cereal bowl for watching Saturday morning cartoons or for a quick burst of energy.  A lot of people steer away from fruit because of the sugar.  

Just remember that natural sugars are much different than processed sugar.  Your body knows how to distribute the natural sugars throughout your body through your bloodstream, minus the crash that processed sugar brings.


  • Hemp Seeds
  • Almond Milk
  • Strawberries cut into halves and chunks
  • Blueberries
  • 1 Whole Banana cute into slices

  1. This is really easy to put together!  I don't know about you, but I like simple recipes.  Simply wash fruits and veggies thoroughly, then cut into slices and halves.
  2. Fill a bowl with fruits then pour almond milk over the top of the fruits
  3. Add hemp seeds and let sit for up to five minutes.  This is in order to let the vitamins, minerals, etc. to marinate and hemp seeds to slightly expand.  They are different than chia seeds so keep that in mind.
Prep Time: 5-minutes Cook Time: 0 minutes  Total Time: 5-minutes

Yields: 1
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