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How to Manifest Your Dream Home

Start With the Home You Already Have

Even if you're not living in your dream home now, your current reality is a great place to start.  Take a moment to count your blessings and walk around your home to see all that you already have.  You'll realize you already have a lot more than you originally thought.

It doesn't matter if your home is small, run down, or a tree house, just acknowledge that you have a house and furnishings because gratefulness is always a good place to start.

Now do an assessment.  What are the aspects of your home that you don't like?  What are the aspects that you do?  Be sure to make a checklist and focus on turning those things you don't like into positives, simply by asking for what you want.

Remember, this is the planning stage, the stage where you clarify your intentions, so money is no object.  If money weren't a factor, what kind of house would you have?  How would you decorate it?  What are some features you'd like to have?  A swimming pool, an at-home gym, a loft, or a rooftop garden.  Dream big!

Give Things Away

In the past, when I wanted to move somewhere new and distant, I got what I wanted because I was willing to give up material possessions.  I'm talking furniture, home decor, accessories, and more. 

When you are willing to sacrifice in order to gain something new, this sends a signal out to the universe that you are a willing participant in the creation of your new life.  

When you give something away, you get something brand-new and probably better back.  This shows that you trust the universe and it also aligns your vibration to your desire, which in this case, is your dream home!

Ask yourself these questions: How much are you willing to give up in order to gain something new? What are you willing to sacrifice to show the universe you're ready and that you have perfect trust in it?

If you're ready, then you'll also be willing and able.  The universe will meet you halfway.  One little secret to this is also how you give it away.  

Never give away material possessions unless you can do so with an open heart and mind.  Let go of your attachment to the items before surrendering them.  Do it with a charitable heart and you can't go wrong!

Don't Be Too Specific!

This may sound counterintuitive but don't be too specific!  Yes, dream big but don't bog down the vision of your dream home with too many details.  The reason why: The universe may want to give you something better!

Many people detail their house to the point that it doesn't leave room for the universe to deliver something bigger and better.  Believe me, I can be accused of this myself.  The key to the universe is knowing that it knows what is perfect and best for you.  It may even know it before you do!

You'll want to have a general idea on how to manifest your dream home with a few specifics.  The specifics should be bigger details, similar to an outline or blueprint.  The universe will then pencil in all the fine little details for you.

Be Realistic!

Is it a fantasy or a reality that your dream home would be a castle in France?  You'll be able to gauge it by how it makes you feel.  

For example, I have had fantasies about living in the castle from Beauty and the Beast (the cartoon Disney Princess version) but I know realistically, that I don't really want to live in a castle like that.  Reason being, home to me screams closeness, comfort, and coziness.  

How can I achieve that in a cold castle that is so large I'd probably get lost?  Therefore, it's unrealistic for me to ask for that kind of home.

Instead, my dream home is a little more traditional.  It's in a small town up north, it's traditional, older, probably historical, two-storied, and has stairs leading up to the front of the house with double doors and a wraparound porch.

My dream home has all the feelings that I described and wanted in a home.  It's large but not too large.  It's got close enough quarters and fireplaces and enough history to make it cozy, personal, and comfy.  That's my real dream home!

Take the time to think about what you really want to manifest the home of your dreams.  You'll be able to feel if it's fantasy or reality.  Start by using a few words to describe the feeling of the home you dream of having, like I did.  This will help you narrow down what looks and feels realistic to you!

Happy house hunting!  Leave a comment if you've manifested a home or location using the law of attraction.  What worked for you?  I'd love to hear about it!

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