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Homespun Magic

Homespun Magic.  What is it really and how can you achieve it in your home?  
Homespun magic is something that every house naturally has, hidden in corners and weaving throughout the threads on every fiber of fabric.

The thing is, it often becomes hidden by a veil of negativity induced by the stresses of everyday life.

It doesn't matter where you go in this world because you take yourself with you.  Believe it or not, you have a direct impact on the essential warmth and value of your home.

Homespun Magic Essentials Toolkit

Homespun Magic Essentials Toolkit
  • 2 Cups of Love (Any kind!)
  • Secret Hidden Places
  • Imagery of family, friends, loved ones, etc.
  • Natural Items (feathers, rocks, crystals, whatever)
  • Textures and Fabrics
  • As Much Laughter As One Can Fit
  • Books (Must-Have)
  • Color and Promises
  • Crystal-Clear Intentions
  • Memories
  1. You simply put all of these special ingredients together and mix and match them however you like. It's your life so you make them fit in the places that feel good to you and make sense.
When I first moved into my new apartment in Ozona, Florida at the end of January 2015, I brought some bad voodoo back with me from my time spent in Sedona, Arizona.  I only lived there for two months, but it was a really toxic, stressful environment. 

I was still me at the core but a lot of fears came with trying to rise above such a scary situation.  When I moved into my new place by the water, I had to detoxify and fast!

Detoxify Your Home and Life

You can detoxify your home and your life by first making an affirmative decision to let go of the past.  Even if there are recent wounds, better to live and let go.

How does one detoxify the home?  I will admit, it is much easier to detoxify a home that you're just moving into but even if you've lived in your place a long time, it's never too late to start fresh.

The first thing you'll need to do is clean house then sage it.  Walk around and speak aloud your new intentions, as if you were doing a meditative chant.

This will cleanse the atmosphere.  If you have some old lingering fears or resentment, drown them in a bucket of water.  Literally.

Fill a bucket of water, as if you were making a mop wash for the floor, and then write your fears and worries on paper.  Read them aloud then drown them in that bucket and feel them wash away.  I swear by this!

Create Comfort

Home just doesn't feel like home unless you feel comfortable.  When guests pop over, they should feel comfy too.  

Think of it this way.  Your home is where you take showers and baths, where you get naked and change clothes, where you cook dinner, play with your kids, or make love to your husband.

You'll want your home to have a warmth aspect to it and you can do that by adding homespun magic in its finest form!  

Pillows, crystals, yoga mats, and little nooks and crannies for hiding secret things like love notes and money.  

There's a certain measure of comfort in knowing that you have money stashed away or have a closet with fairy lights used solely for meditation.

One of my daughters threw a lot of tantrums when she was little and had a difficult time calming herself down.  I created her a meditation room for when she needed time and space from the rest of the family.

I added lots of fluffy, colorful pillows, soothing colors and breathtaking twinkle lights, and even music that she could press and play herself.  She loved it.

This concept of creating sacred space can work for grown-ups too.  Make sure there are lots of little places in your house for each person, no matter how small.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with my youngest daughter and the one thing everyone comments on is how open, light, and airy is.  It's because I've contained only the creature comforts needed in life and left out the excess.

My thoughts are, they call it excess for a reason.  Books are the one splurge if you're going to have something in excess, that I think one should make an allowance for!  If you are an avid reader, of course.

Technology in the Home

Technology has definitely gotten a bad wrap but even as a natural, down-to-earth woman, I can still say that I thoroughly enjoy modern technology.  I think the key is to keep it minimal and unplug once in awhile.

There's a balance to the advancements that we have made as humans and if you strike the right one, you can use it to push your homespun magic into overdrive!  Enjoy everything in moderation.

My sixteen-year-old daughter is a girl gamer and loves Minecraft!  I think that's perfectly okay.

We are both sci-fi geeks and never miss stop binging on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  The thing is we counterbalance any technology we use.

We both read lots of books, write lots of lists and stories, and love to go for nature walks and take loads of pictures!  We try to use technology in a healthy way.

For example, I'm writing this post on my lifestyle blog, which just happens to be on the internet.  Is that bad? I personally don't think so!

I feel I can reach more people on the internet, maybe inspire more lives.  The internet has opened the doors for young industries such as blogging and web design, not to mention internet shopping!

Don't hate on the internet!  Just simply take what you value from it and keep up with old-fashioned ways too.  

It's about blending, not good or bad, or right and wrong.  Technology can be great for the home when used effectively and as an asset.  

Sensual Living

Homespun magic is about sensual living too.  It's the look, the feel, the textures of your home and how you marry them together.  

Sensuality goes above and beyond the bedroom!  It's about how you lightly layer your towels or the arrangement of your pinecones.  It's about the underlings of life.

You can dress up the sensuality of your home by playing up its best features.  You want to have places in your home that pop!

Music, color, and mood lighting play nicely together and can bring out the sensual nature of the interior of your home.  I love candles and fairy lights for mood lighting.

For pops of colors, pronounce them with fun and fanciful artwork, framed drawings from your children, and things that pop out from the walls, like a pop-up book.  

Hanging baskets and plants are great, as well as places for pens, money hidden in books, and lingerie in an open closet.  These are the sensual things of life that make you feel alive and well.  They make you thrive!

Spark Your Creativity When the Mood Strikes

When I moved into my new place, I had a bed but not a headboard.  I always have a ton of old pictures and scrapbook novelty items on hand so I decided to take four pieces of wood my mom gave me and create a DIY Mood Headboard!

It took me no more than a couple of hours to throw it together.  I played music in the background and made it into a fun time capsule.  

You can make your own.  You simply need four pieces of board.  It doesn't matter what type or texture, some Mod Podge glue and scissors, and an assortment of imagery, glitter, and nails and a hammer to hang it up.  Easy!

I hung up the four panels and every time I look at my headboard, I get to look at old love notes from my kids when they were little, school pictures, baby pictures, then and now photographs, and lots of glittery handprints and artwork.  I love it.

In conclusion, the most important aspects of this thing called Homespun Magic is that your house is filled with love and laughter!  

You can live in the darkest cave on earth and if it's filled with love and kiddie artwork, then it's probably filled with light too.
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