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Heart-Opening Love Apothecary

How do you know when you're ready for love again?  To be honest, based on a recent heart-opening feeling, I think you just know.

It's kind of like, how do you know love is real?  How do you know there's a God?  How do you know there's fairies, hope, faith, or anything else that can't be seen with the naked eye?  You just know you know.

You know you're ready for love when it feels good and right for you.  When it feels safe for you to love again, then it probably is.  That's kind of the state of mind I've been in recently.

Before that, I kept saying that I was ready to meet someone and while there was a part of me that wanted to, I wasn't ready yet.  I just simply thought I was.  So, what's changed?

In all honesty, I've changed!  My heart remained closed for a very long time.  I was so hurt by past loves that the thought of opening up again, made me want to go inside myself and hide.

When your heart is closed, there's no chance of meeting someone.  Right now, my heart is open, receptive, and ready to love again.

What Do You Do When You Know You're Ready for Love

While I'm no expert on love, I do know that you have to start putting yourself out there again.  It all starts with you.  Once your heart is open and receptive, you start to feel really good about yourself and this is called self-love.

The most attractive quality in a man or a woman is confidence.  Confidence is sexy!  I recommend spending some time working on yourself in the Body Confidence Charm School.

Do you have your s*** together?  Are you as fit as you can be?  How are your grooming habits?

That's what I've been doing.  Love is love is love is love.  Love, in whatever form it comes in, flows into other life arenas too, as long as your heart is open to it.

Let love touch your career, business, fitness routine, diet, and the kind of time you spend with your family.  If you let it, love can even transform your finances!

When you know that you are ready for love, start acting like it.  Dress like it.  Live like it.  Be ready for it because this will naturally attract your partner to you.  Men can sense when you're ready.  They can feel it too and will be very attracted to that.

Heart-Opening Love Apothecary

Once you have that loving feeling back, it's time to set your love ablaze.  I'm feeling that more than ever right now.

Part of it is in how you carry yourself and starting to let people know.  As a writer, the biggest way for me to express my love is through my writing.  I like to wear my heart on my sleeve!

You can do it in your own personal way.  I recommend doing it through social media, word-of-mouth, and through doing a fun and creative product.

It doesn't matter if you sew a felt heart together or create a heart pillow stuffed with love notes, the point is the love that you pour into it.  The universe takes that love and delivers a loving message, calling on your soulmate for you!

Now that you know you're ready to let someone into your life again, which is a very big deal, by the way, set your love ablaze!  It's important to send a message out into the universe, that you are ready, willing, and able to love another.

The Beatles, lyrical geniuses that they are, said it right.  All you need is love!

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