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Growing Organic Tomatoes and Bell Peppers in Pots

 Growing Organic Tomatoes and Bell Peppers in Pots is a lot easier than one would think!  To be honest, I had my doubts when my youngest daughter Chloe presented the idea to me.  Now that I literally get to see the fruits of my efforts, I dig it!

Other than watering and protecting the pots, I have to give most of the credit to Chloe.  We bought the plastic pots from the dollar store and the underdeveloped vegetable trays from the garden section at Wal-Mart.  It made the initial stages of growing a vegetable garden easier.

How To Transfer the Plant to Pot

In order to transfer the baby plant to a fresh pot, Chloe used a big bag of rich, organic soil that I have.  It has little pieces of moss and such growing in it and it's very fertile.  It's my version of miracle grow.

Chloe filled the plastic pot for both the tomatoes and green bell peppers with that rich soil, leaving enough room in the center to plant the vegetable plant from scratch.  She then added more soil after planting the veggie gardens.  

For the tomatoes, she had to make wooden stakes.  She used some chopsticks we had handy from Chinese takeout.  

After both vegetable plants were in the ground, she added a little water.  Always be sure to add water right after planting, as stores often don't water their plants enough.  If you're unsure, you can add a couple of ice cubes to start.

 Everyday Care As Your Tomatoes and Bell Peppers Grow

Everyday care is essential to the growing lives of your tomatoes and bell peppers.  You'll want to keep them in direct sunlight for about 8-hours daily.  

Vegetable garden plants in a pot must be watered daily as the direct sunlight will dry them up fast.  You can do this by using natural rain if you live in a tropical climate like Florida or tap water.  Soak deeply.

 Protect From Bugs and Animals

Whatever you do, please be sure to watch out for bugs and bunnies that will eat your growing vegetables.  Yes, cute, little fluffy bunnies.

Check your vegetable garden pot daily.  Keep it in a safer place at night.  We pull ours in closer to the house during heavy rainstorms and at night.

 Remove Dead Debris

Clear out dead foliage.  As you can see, I have some dead leaves on my tomato plant, so I'll be picking those off.

Add a Gemstone to Your Vegetable Garden

If you'd like a little luck growing vegetables, I highly recommend rose quartz crystals.  They are the best for gardening and just about anything.  

You can also add an intention to your gemstone, like with a little note or through visualization.  Just hold your crystal in your left hand, hold a positive thought, visualize it, say it out loud, then bury that beauty in the ground!

You can also call on the fairies to help you grow your garden!  I mean, that's kind of their wheelhouse.  Happy gardening, friends!

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