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Girly Nature Summer: A Sunny Disposition

Girl Nature Summer is here with a sunny disposition on life!  Have you ever just laid on the green grass and just soaked up the sun and looked up at the clouds and watch them shift shapes?  It makes you feel alive and well.

Whenever you feel restless or need to create a sunnier disposition on life, turn the sprinklers on and lay in the wet grass this summer.  Soak up some sun rays and really contemplate how great life is and relish the moment.

Part of every Girly Nature Summer is making a summer bucket list with my girls.  Even though the hottest months are yet to come and hurricane season lurks around the corner, it still gives us so much to look forward to!

 Number One On the List, Run Through the Sprinklers and Play

Check!  We brought out the waterpillar (see below) and things got a little crazy.  We have really great water pressure at our place!

As you can see, Chloe, my youngest daughter, was running away from it and loving it at the same time.

The waterpillar is a caterpillar that acts as a sprinkler for the lawn and to play in on those hot summer days.  I had bought it a couple years ago and forgot about it.  Luckily, it still worked!
This is Georgie the waterpillar.  He likes to spray us as we run away laughing.  He makes cooling off fun!

I don't know why we named him Georgie.  We just do that.  We name everything.  Haha!
That's my middle child, my daughter Veronica.  She's 6-months pregnant with my baby granddaughter Lillian, but we're going to call her Lilly.

I plan on writing about her soon.  It's just that I can't really write about her without talking about her brother Noah first.

Noah died at 2-months-old and would have been one next month.  It's so crazy to imagine him being old enough to walk around and stuff.

Anyway, it's nice to see V (that's what we call her for short) having a good time and laughing after everything she's been through.
That's Chloe and Veronica playing in the sprinklers, having a great time.  We always have nice visits together, just hanging out.  There's something about the simpleness of being in the moment.

Number Two on the List, Spend More Time Together

Mission accomplished!  I think we can keep up with this one.  After Noah died, the family all kind of separated during a really intense grieving period.  When everyone finally got back together, it took awhile to find our groove.

The last couple months have especially been good.  Granted, the pain never goes away.  We will never stop missing him.  But, we're all working on trying to be there for each other.

The only reason my oldest daughter was unable to be apart of this visit is the fact she lives two hours away in the Orlando area and she had a job interview for a new nursing job.  I'm so proud of her!

Number Three on the List, Slow Living

It's easy to make slow living a priority in Florida.  In many ways, Florida is slow living!  I just want to live a stress-free, balanced, calm life and I want that for my kids too.

Slow Living, which I plan on writing about soon, is where you take life at a leisurely pace.  Chloe is out of school for good and I work from home.  It's the perfect time to add the slow life to our bucket list.
Veronica is setting up the Waterpillar here.  She's so pretty!  All my girls are.  This leads me to number four on our summer bucket list.  See below!

Number Four on the List, More Photo Shoots in Nature

In our family, photo shoots are a very big deal.  Most of the time, almost always, the backdrop is someplace in nature.  It can be in our backyard, the porch, the nature trail, a park, whatever.  We just got to take pictures!

With V being pregnant, it is especially relevant.  There's something special about recording each moment.

In addition to the photographs, I also want to take more videos.  I'm pretty great at taking pictures and I want to branch out into videography.  For some reason, it has always intimidated me.

But, I think it would be fun to have more reels of our family caught live and in action.  So, I'm making that a summer goal!
This is where Matilda My Pet Aloe Vera Plant photobombed my picture.  I mean, she's totally part of the family so I had to include her.  You can read more about my pet plants here.

You can also adopt a pet plant in my shop.  Check it out!  Each houseplant comes with adoption papers and care instructions.  They make the perfect addition to every family or household.

Number Five On My List, A Sunny Disposition

I guess I mean this one two-fold.  I literally mean spend more time outdoors in nature and soaking up the sun.  I also mean to work on looking on the bright side of things.

I already have that in me.  I mean, you can take a look around my blog and see that I see the world with rose-colored glasses.

But, what most people don't know is that I suffer from depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Unfortunately, it does run in the family.

I think maybe I can be the sunny disposition in the lives of the people I love and care about.  So, even though this is a family summer bucket list, this is kind of my way of bringing more rainbows and unicorns back into my kid's lives.

It's a gift to them, but it's a gift to myself too.  What's on your summer bucket list?  This is my family bucket list, but plan on sharing my personal bucket list soon!

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