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Girly Nature Birthday: Veronica is Nineteen

It's time for another Girly Nature Birthday because Veronica is nineteen!  Can you believe it?

Technically, it was last week on May 23rd, but we picked her up for a birthday celebration!  We did the normal birthday stuff.  Flowers and balloons and went out to eat for dinner.  Then, we did this twilight photo shoot.

The day after her birthday, we did this Girly Nature Summer photo shoot by running through the sprinklers.  That was a lot of fun too!

 Magic Hour

As it was getting dark, I started taking pictures of her and just kept going.  Florida has some of the best sunsets and the lighting was definitely that magic hour photography thing I'm always hearing about.

You may or may not be able to tell in these pictures, but V is six-months pregnant here with Baby Lilly.  She's wearing black so it disguises her cute baby bump.

Baby Lilly

The day that I drove her home, she lives about a half hour away, I took her to another sonogram of Baby Lilly.  I got to see and she looked right at the camera!  Veronica also let me feel her belly when she was moving and she was doing jumping jacks and cartwheels in there.

I'm so excited to meet Lilly!  Of course, as she grows older I'm going to have her call me Nana, cause grandma sounds so old.

Birthday Traditions

  • Take the birthday girl to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  We like it because it has a lot of plant-based options, plus ice cream, muffins, and lots of sweet treats!
  • Start the day off with balloons and flowers cause the birthday girl deserves it
  • Open presents or go out and let the birthday girl pick out what she wants
  • Spend the day letting her do whatever she wants.  We go where she wants to go!
  • Don't forget to a wear a real tiara or birthday crown!

Birthday Photo Shoot

Every year it is mandatory to do a birthday photo shoot for each girl, including me!  The ones I'm sharing here are more birthday oriented, but I have lots more that I plan on sharing in an upcoming post.

Pictures are just nice to look back on and see that you were really, really loved.  Plus, it's our girl thing.  A bond I share with my daughters and can't wait to share with Baby Lilly!
I asked V what her birthday plans and wishes were.  She had such a difficult year, after losing her baby boy Noah at only two-months-old.  She said she just wants a happy, healthy baby girl.  

So far, so good!  The sonogram went perfectly.  I believe her birthday wish has already come true!

Girly Nature Birthday

Happy birthday, Veronica!  You deserve it.  I still can't believe you are nineteen, but I'm so glad I got to spend your special day with you.

Plus, look at that sunset.  What a perfect end to her birthday.  It was like the sun was saying goodbye birthday girl, until next year.

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