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Blogging About Life in Bunny Slippers

My childhood favorite was blogging about life in bunny slippers.  It was my favorite casual Friday ritual, along with drinking chocolate milk and eating Captain Crunch cereal.  As a twelve-year-old, homebound girl, blogging was nothing short of pure magic!

Like all people, there was one particular moment in time that stood out to me, that had defined my childhood years as a blogger.

My story on Blogger set events in motion for other people to come forward and share their story.  It was the first time I knew that magic was real and that blogging was apart of the great big adventure in the sky.

On this particular morning, as I crunched blasts of berries in my mouth, I started writing a post about something strange that happened to me the night before.  At around three in the morning, someone was throwing pebbles against my second-story window.

It took a few tries to wake me up.  When I pulled my purple curtains back to see who was out there, that's when I saw them.  My bunny slippers were sitting out on the grass, staring up at me, with their big, dark eyes and fluffy bunny ears.  Just hours before, they were on my feet.

Astonished, I wasn't sure what to do first.  Should I go out there?  Even though I lived in a nice, safe neighborhood, my parents would have never allowed this.  They were always cautioning me against stranger danger and not answering the door when they weren't home.

A little voice inside of me told me to do it anyway.  I went outside and saw the trees part ways with the grass and my Mom's lilacs in bloom.  It was warm outside with only a slight mist that made my temples perspire just a tad bit.

I watched as something went into the woods behind our house, suddenly wishing I would have listened to my parents.  I looked down just then to see my bunny slippers were gone.  Someone took my bunny slippers?  Someone took my bunny slippers!

Without thinking, I ran into the woods, unaware of the glowing lights, casting green, blue, and pink shadows on the trail.  I ran deeper and longer, not really knowing where I was going or why I was doing it.

Finally, as the lights grew bigger and brighter, I began to slow down.  That's when I heard the sounds of music playing.  Indie music with a bit of folk to it.  I could hear creatures talking and laughing.  As I drew upon them, that's when I saw it.

My bunny slippers were sitting by a campfire that was surrounded by fairies, big and small, petite and muscular, holding hands, full circle.  I watched for what seemed like an eternity when they saw me.

I waved my hand and said, "Hi" meekly.  That's when they disappeared.  Just like that.  I rubbed my eyes.  Maybe I was imagining things.  I looked again and my bunny slippers, like the fairies, had completely vanished.

The campfire, which was burning brightly only moments ago, left no trace.  It's as if it never was.  The only thing left by the fairies was some dusty, sparkly residue.

I touched it and wiped it on my cotton nightgown.  As I walked through the forest back to my house in the middle of the night, I was aware of being watched by someone.  It didn't scare me though.  I knew it was my fairies.

To this day, I have never figured out why the fairies wanted my bunny slippers.  I tried to imagine a million different things they could do with them, but the stuff I dreamed up only made me laugh.

The next day, I wrote the story on my blogger blog.  That was the day I got over a thousand comments from people who have had fairy sightings.  It had to be that magic fairy dust I touched!

Today, I am forty-one-years-old.  Thanks to the fairies, I started an Etsy Shop with handmade fairy figurines and paintings.  People like me all the time, "Did you ever see them again?"  To which I just wink at them with a twinkle in my eye and smile.

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