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3-Ways to Amplify Your Zen-Like Attitude

3-Ways to Amplify Your Zen-Like Attitude.  When it comes to being in a constant state of zen, unless you're a monk, you're going to struggle with it.  

The world is not a peaceful place.  No, finding your zen is about creating peace in a world full of chaos!

With growing technology and a neverending stream of traffic, this seems like an impossibility and yet, every single day, more and more people are learning how to become mindful in the modern world.  How do they do it?

With growing technology and a neverending stream of traffic, this seems like an impossibility and yet, every single day, more and more people are learning how to become mindful in the modern world.  How do they do it?

Reassess Your Zen-Like Attitude

In order to amplify your zen-like attitude, you first need to take a look at where you're sitting pretty right now.  What current set of tools do you have to cope with stress?
Do you meditate?  Do you take long, soaking sea salt baths?  Do you take long nature walks?  Go surfing?  Fly kites?  Have a morning ritual of prayer?  

Ask yourself:  How do you find your zen?  List all the different ways that you currently find you're zen and then you'll have something to work with on a daily basis.  
The thing about a zen-like attitude is that it is a work in progress.  You'll have to be working on it a little or a lot each day.  In this case more is better!

Tip#1: Amplify Your Zen-Like Attitude With the Senses

You can amplify your zen-like attitude by using all of your senses.  Use taste, touch, sound, sight, and even your sixth sense as a reservoir for peacefulness.

Make every bite you take when eating, a sensual, savory, taste-inducing experience.  Make every song you listen to into a recipe for mindfulness by turning up the volume or exchanging the lyrics for an action.

An example of this would be in the car.  Who doesn't get stressed out by driving?  Instead of getting road rage, turn up the volume and tune in and tune out.  

The same thing could be said with the scenery in your environment.  Do you feel at peace when you look around or do you think to yourself, I live in a house full of chaos?

Streamline what you see.  Go through your home and set up the conditions for a home that's ripe with zen.  

This may include getting rid of old things, replacing old faulty items, or possibly amplifying what you see with some new artwork and houseplants.

The point is to take it to the next level!  You can do this easily by using all of your senses.  

If for example, you touch something that has a bad energy to it.  Maybe an old garment or a food that's lost its chi, then the best thing you can do is let intuition sink in and rid yourself of it.

Use your sensory factor by defining an energy you want to achieve in any given room in your home, in your car, or even at your office.  

You can easily change this factor and ramp it up with candles and incense.  This is an instant boost to your zen-like attitude!

Tip #2: Don't Sweat the Small Things

No, seriously!  I realize that this sounds easier said than done but its not impossible.  

When I was in my twenties I used to get angry about all of the little dumb things in life that don't matter.

In my thirties, I have a fresh perspective on life.  The little things are like little drops in your life that will go away on their own.  

Instead of getting frustrated, let them go.  Life is difficult enough without complicating it.  Think about it like this: there's always going to be something to set you off so don't let it.

I bet your thinking, so how do I amplify this?  It's the same method that can be used in earnest meditation.  You simply observe the thought and watch it go by, like watching a movie on the big screen.

You can do the same thing with all of the little things in life too.  Just simply take a moment to observe them and let them go.  Chances are, they will resolve themselves.

Tip #3: Color Your Life!

Add a little color to your life to amplify your zen-like attitude!  You can do this in several ways that I have found.

One of the best ways to color your life and ramp up your zen quotient is through your clothing and accessories.  How's your fashion looking these days?  

If you're bored with your fashion or feel you aren't making a statement, that means life has no color or meaning.  Things have become lackluster and dull.

It's time to change that with an infusion of color.  A pop of color will help amplify your zen and boost your mood!

Most people make the mistake of believing that being zen means only being colored one way.  They think it simply means that you're at peace and still with the world.  

The truth is, it's so much more than that!  Zen is a way of life.  It's about being happy and happy can mean lots of different things at any given moment.

Happiness has lots of different colors, in fact, all of the colors of the rainbow!  A pop of color in your wardrobe can lift you up and set you apart.

A blast of colors in your home or office environment can essentially do the same thing too.  So, what next?  How can you take this idea of color to the next level?

Take It to the Next Level

Part of the lessons of zen entails finding your bliss.  This really begs the question of what makes you happy in life?

At the core of any human is this strong desire to please others.  We want to make sure our loved ones are happy, often times in spite of ourselves.  

The truth is, we can't make another human being happy for more than a fleeting moment.  It's up to them to work on building their own zen-like attitude and presence.  

That being said, its time to work on yourself.  If you really want to make your children, your husband or your loved ones happy then take care of yourself.  That really is the best way.

You can color outside the lines by embracing your creative side.  Creativity is a direct route to God's infinite love, light, power, and wisdom.

Final Thoughts

Another magical way to ramp up the color in your life is through the type of fitness that you do.  Are you bored with your routine?  Is the scale stuck at a certain weight?

It's really about being observant, just like when you're in a state of meditation, then finding a way to breathe new life into it.  Take all of the things that are colorless in your life and make a list of them.

Now on the flip-side of that list, write down a colorful way to amplify them.  Amplify your happiness, activate your zen!

Please Note:  The font is different from this post due to copy & paste from an old blog of mine :-)

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