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Pet Plants: Meet Matilda the Aloe Vera Plant

Meet Matilda.  She’s my pet aloe vera plant.  Believe it or not, she’s really part of the family.  I name all my plants, but I have a special relationship with Matilda.
My love and fascination with aloe vera plants really came to fruition about five-years-ago when I lived in Pinellas Village, a single-parent community for women.  My Mom gave me an aloe vera plant as a housewarming gift, plus, she was always giving me cool gifts like that, which was really nice.
I did a ritual that I got from Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst.  It’s an aloe vera plant heart-opening spell with rose quartz.  
Aloe vera plants, I came to find, can heal you on deep, emotional levels too.  They can do far more than heal your body from the inside/out.  
They can heal the emotional wounds that dwell within your heart.  After doing the rose quartz crystal ritual with the aloe vera plant I had at the time, that was it for me, I was hooked!

Pet Plants: Meet Matilda

Matilda is one of the offspring of the aloe vera plant that my Mom gave me all those years ago.  When I moved to Sedona in the fall of 2014′, I gave my plant to my mom to take care of.  
She put her in too much direct sunlight and overwatered her.  Under my mom’s care, my old aloe vera plant eventually died, but first, she gave me Matilda.
Maybe that’s why I’m so attached to Matilda.  I’ve had her since she was a tiny baby plant.  She’s huge now, and I give her offspring to all my friends and family that live locally.  
Matilda can be found in many of the family pictures, in one form or the other.  I greet her every morning and both Chloe and I talk to her on a daily basis.  I’m really into plant care and nurturing, and Matilda is no exception.  
I do really well with bladed plants, prickly plants, and succulents.  According to feng shui, you really aren’t supposed to keep bladed or prickly plants in the house, most especially the bedroom, but for me, I feel better when they are around!  Matilda has sisters, named Mildred and Martha.  You can see them in the picture above, with Joe the cactus.  
I take them out for fresh air almost every single day, then take them in towards the late afternoon.  I do this because they are mostly indoor plants for me and they don’t do well when they get too much direct sunlight.  
Aloe vera plant care is pretty easy peasy.  I just like to do the extra things, because I’m intuitive, and can tell when my plants need a little extra love and attention.  
I highly recommend aloe vera plants for those times when you’re depressed or anxious, when you’re grieving, and when you are suffering from a broken heart.  Matilda has gotten me through some tough times in my life and nature is my companion on my journey.  
Thanks for reading about my pet plant!  I consider her more like a pet because she’s more like family to me.  

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