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The Book Smart Blueberry Juice Recipe

The Book Smart Blueberry Juice Recipe is perfect for any time you need to hit the books and study! Just because school is getting ready to let out, doesn't mean you can't be book smart all-year-round!

Blueberries are the basis of this simple vegan juice recipe. The thing about blueberries is, they help you with memory and retaining valuable information. In other words, they help you better educate yourself!

In addition to the tart taste of fresh, organic blueberries, we have a huge clump of kale (a cruciferous vegetable), a splash of Welch's Concord Grape Juice, and one medium turmeric root. Just add water!

Again, the best time to take this is when you are getting ready to take a test, study, write a blog post, or create a product. The blueberries have a whopping 24% of vitamin A too, which gives you a little jolt of energy.

The Grape juice, just a splash of it, acts as a bind, working through your entire immune system, keeping your heart and blood pressure even keel.

Kale is loaded with a plethora of antioxidants, no surprise there, but it's also loaded with fiber. fiber helps push things out, keep your insides clean.

Tumeric root gives the drink a bit of a spicy kick. It will also work to build a strong immune system. I personally think we should include tumeric root in our daily feedings. That's how great it is!

Nutritional Info, Etc. 

Blueberries - are known to help memory retention and assist with studying, taking tests, and hitting the books hard. Perfect for back to school and to assist with making you mentally alert and focused.

Beyond that, blueberries are packed with vitamin C, something to get your day going and give you an energy boost! They are also filled with folate, fiber for digestion, vitamin B6, and they are fab for lowering your overall blood cholesterol. Good stuff, right?

Kale - a cruciferous leafy green vegetable, that is plum full of fiber! Having digestive problems? Kale will help smooth it out! Kale is a superfood, that is packed with B vitamins, as well as A, C, and K, which is important for regulating blood flow. It makes a great base for salads and smoothies!

Tumeric Root - is like the doctor of all roots! It will aid you with inflammation give you a high boost of energy. Feeling tired and depleted? Add a tumeric root sprig to your juice or smoothie, or even your detox water, for a high energy boost!


*  An entire small container of blueberries (go for organic!) 
*  A splash of Welch's Concord Grape Juice. No sugar added!
*  A large handful of kale leaves for the base 
*  A medium tumeric root to sit on top 
*  Purified water 

How to Make it: 

*  Simply throw the ingredients together in your juicer and spin it for about three to five minutes. 

*  You can add a couple of ice cubes if you like. Just be sure not to overlap the fill line, or you'll have a spill to cleanup. 

*  Then drink, enjoy, and hit the books! 
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