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Rose Quartz Detox Water Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is not only the key to weight loss, but it's the key to success!  It pushes out all the residual toxins from your bloodstream.  Staying hydrated has the added benefit of giving you glowing skin and increased energy!

Rose quartz is one of my most favorite gemstones, for so many reasons!  A rose quartz crystal has a heartwarming, heart-opening property to it, that makes for deep emotional healing.

It's all a safe gemstone to add to your elixir of choice, which means you can use it in your water pitcher filtration system or your fruit infuser water bottle.  I've even seen some water bottles with a gemstone already attached to it so that it's healing, magical properties can energize your water full-time.

Before using a rose quartz crystal, be sure to cleanse it first.  You can do this with a sage bundle, by running it under cold tap water for a minute, or leave it in direct sunlight for an hour.

After cleansing your gemstone, hold it in your left hand or in both hands in a bundle at heart level.  Close your eyes and visualize your intention, as well as to say the following words aloud.

Aham Prema, which means I Am Divine Love.  This will effectively put your intention into the crystal.

Add it to your detox water for a boost!  This adds the intention into the water, which is food alchemy at it's best.

Rose Quartz Detox Water Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Keeps you hydrated (that's a given) Gives you sparkling energy and revitalization. Give you a bit of pure magic!

  • Half, cut into slices Cucumber
  • Cut into slices, and slightly squeezed into the water. Grapefruit (Whole)
  • Squeezed into the water (try to scoop out seeds as it goes in, or squeeze into the basket so your fruit infuser will catch the seeds. Lemon (Whole)
  • Small to medium sprig Ginger Root
  • Cut raw, medium sprig Tumeric Root
  • Add to the bottom of the water, outside of basket Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Plus a couple of ice cubes Purified Water

Add each fruit or root, one at a time, and cut as you go. 

Add your rose quartz gemstone last, outside of the filter basket. 

Let sit for at least five minutes to absorb all the properties of each fruit, root, and the intention behind the rose quartz crystal. 

To give detox water a boost, hold the water bottle with both hands and visualize the Archangel Michael adding sparkling light to your water bottle.

Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 1
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