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Mermaid Detox Bath

To prepare for a mermaid detox bath, you'll need sea salt and lots of it. One large container. At least two aquamarine crystals, a rose quartz, and a candle that is lit. White, black, or blue are life purpose colors. They will help you to relax and immerse yourself in your water detox world.

Be sure to put an intention into the candle(s) before lighting them up. Close your eyes, hold your candle before you near your heart, and see love, literally pouring into it like hot lava.

Your intention should be to make communication with the mermaids, and to clear your mind, body, and soul, as you immerse into your bath.

Be sure to have a water bottle handy with you at the time, so that you can be sure to keep hydrated. You're going to stay in your detox bath for at least a half hour. If you can stand it, aim for a little more each time. Add in more candles to future visits.

While under the water, eyes closed for those brief moments, what do you see? You should see mermaids, Poseidon, water sprites, water goddesses, and other sea creatures, and they will often give you a silent message.

I once had a message from a mermaid that held out her fingers with the number two. She was referring that I would soon be part of a partnership.

At the time, I honestly thought it would be romantic, but it turned out to be a partnership in a living situation I was in with my niece and our daughters.

I had one that said Shhh, with her finger over her lips. This meant she wanted me to enjoy silence more, to revel in it, to give myself more quiet time.

My spirit animal, Cyrus, my blue whale animal totem, once showed me himself as a whale, backlit at night against a display of stars and planets. In the stars, he relayed a message to me, as the solution to a problem that I had at the time.

This all took place in a mermaid detox bath. So, what do you see? Feel it, ask whoever you commune with, to watch over you and to bless you now. feel their energy run their course through your veins.

Live it, breathe it, soak up their essence and energy. They, she, or he is giving their life force energy to you.

After the Bath: 

After the bath, restore your electrolytes by drinking fresh, purified detox water. You might feel a little tired afterward, but fully satisfied, and in tune with everything around you.

Don't be surprised if you get a visit from whomever you made contact with, during your dreams. Sleep with a restorative detox gemstone as you rest. Amethyst is always a good and gentle choice for sleep and sweet dreams.

10 minutes after your bath, be sure to treat yourself to some luxuries. Rub natural healing lotion all over your body. Add one drop of essential oil for sleep to the inside of your pillow. Enjoy the luxury and oneness of your being with the water world.

Water-Based Meditations 

Fully immerse yourself in water. This can be in a bathtub, a swimming pool, lake, or ocean. Whatever works best for you.

You only have to do this sorta dunking method every few minutes and not for very long. This is to cleanse yourself fully, in mind, body, and soul. You can call upon the mermaids to help you with this. Just invite them, while underwater, to restore and revitalize you and they will.

My favorite method for doing this is by taking a detox bath. For this, you'll need to carve out at least a half hour alone by yourself. 

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