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Kale, Celery, and Banana Green Juice Recipe For Digestion and Gut Health

The kale, celery, and banana green juice recipe for digestion and gut health do just what it says it's going to and then some!  I like this recipe because it's really easy to put together in the morning before work or school.  It also makes a great post-workout snack!

If you are looking to start your morning off with a bang, then this is the juice recipe for you!  It gives you an instant boost of energy, which makes for a great breakfast meal.  It also keeps you full longer, because of the whole banana and kale leaves that you use for the recipe.

Let's talk nutrition for a minute, shall we?  I feel like a lot of times we eat or drink foods because we are told they are healthy, without really knowing why it's healthy for us.

Kale - a cruciferous leafy green vegetable, that is plum full of fiber! Having digestive problems? Kale will help smooth it out! Kale is a superfood, that is packed with B vitamins, as well as A, C, and K, which is important for regulating blood flow. It makes a great base for salads and smoothies!

Celery - has a mega-dose of vitamin K in it!  Vitamin K is big on bone health and regulating normal blood clots in our system.  Can't go wrong with that, right?  Also, it's important to note, that celery contains water.  It's a water-based vegetable for hydration.  It also is one of the only vegetables that burn calories when eaten.  

Banana - bananas are a sugary fruit, but they are full of potassium and fiber.  Fiber helps to push things out of your digestive system.  The potassium is good for regulating the heart and is a natural electrolyte.  Electrolytes keep us hydrated.  

Kombucha Tea - This was the secret ingredient that I was saving for last.  I often like to add a little something, something to my juices and smoothies.  A splash of grape juice or in this case, kombucha tea.  It doesn't really matter what kind you use here, you choose!  Kombucha tea is best known for digestion and gut health.  

Kale, Celery, and Banana Green Juice Recipe For Digestion and Gut Health

This simple ingredient recipe helps aids with digestion and gut health. It also burns calories as you drink it, thanks to the celery stalks.

  • A handful or bunch Kale
  • 1 Whole (large) Banana
  • 3-4 celery stalks, depending on juicer Celery
  • 1/4 any kind of kombucha tea flavor, you choose Kombucha Tea

First, layer the bottom of your juice cup with a handful of kale leaves.

Second, peel a banana and add in with slices, as you break them off.

Third, wash and cut celery stalks lengthwise. Add 3-4 stalks to juicer cup, depending on the type of juicer you have.

Last, add in 1/4 cup of the kombucha tea of your choice, then add water to fill line. Blend and drink up! Enjoy :-)

Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 1
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