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Instant Aloe Vera Plant Facial For Anti-Aging

Aloe vera plants are wonderful friends, especially when it comes to your skincare routine.  Not only do they help to topically heal skin abrasions and burns, but aloe vera makes for a great anti-aging beauty treatment!

I recommend at least one aloe vera plant per household, but the more the merrier.  The bigger they get, the longer their arms grow, lending you more aloe vera gel.

I started using aloe vera plant gel about six months ago, as a facial for my skin.  This was an experiment on my part to treat fine lines and prevent future wrinkles.  I figured anything for anti-aging.

To my surprise, within a month, I noticed results!  My skin glowed and I looked healthier.  The fine lines had faded to nearly nothing.

I highly recommend using the aloe vera facial for anti-aging, accompanied by a mostly raw vegan diet and exercise for best results.  As great as this has been for my skin care regimen, there's just no replacing a healthy diet and fitness.  Know what I mean?

Aloe Vera Plant Gel Facial:

Wash face with face cleanser as you normally do, then take a blade of aloe vera plant and slice open. You'll find the healing gel inside.

Use the gel to apply over entire face and neck. Leave on for a minimum of ten minutes, but longer if you can stand it. The longer the better!

Then cleanse with a hot washcloth, rubbing off all the dead skin cells, and renewing skin. Add a little of the gel to your nightly moisturizer and apply to face before bed. It will heal you while you get your beauty sleep!

Use every night for a month to see visible, fast results.  It works!  You'll notice a slight difference in two weeks and a huge difference within a month.

 Helps With: 

  • Dead Skin Cell Removal 
  • Overnight healing and restoration 
  • Restorative, magical properties 
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Anti-Aging

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