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How To Kill It With Fitness

Lately, I've been killing it with fitness! It feels so good to be able to say that. I have been working out a total of four to five days a week, with at least three of those days being devoted to yoga, strength training, and weights. I am stoked about this new change in my life!

For the longest time, it seemed like I didn't have the willpower to work out much. I wanted to, but I couldn't bring myself to actually do it. It was a terrible thing to go through.

Once I gave it a try, I felt myself giving into it, and loving it. Sometimes, I even crave working out.

I've felt a huge amount of confidence building inside of me, and it really busted free recently, when I bought new clothes for spring. I didn't realize it before, but I had been covering up my body all winter.

Not because I was overweight because I'm definitely not. I have only been chubby once in my life and that lasted less than two years. Be sure to read my weight loss story!

No, I was hiding, because I felt like I was out of shape. I was acting as if I were bigger than what I was, so I covered myself up. I didn't even realize that's what I had been doing until I bought new clothes.

What a huge epiphany! I always used to wear little dresses, shorts, tank tops, and skirts. Dresses were always my signature outfit! In the past year or two, I really stopped being myself in a lot of ways. I was hiding underneath my clothes in shame.

 Working Out is a Huge Confidence Booster

Working out has been a huge confidence booster for me. In the past week, I have felt more like myself than ever before, wearing dresses, shorts, and tank tops. So, what's changed?

I guess the simplest way to say it, is that I've changed. I have made working out my number one priority and I start my day with it. Even during times when my schedule has been thrown off, it has only phased me a little.

Even though my body isn't 100% where I want it to be, I can already see and feel a difference. It's like working out gives you strength and an Invincibility.

Besides having the confidence to break out of my wardrobe rut, it has also made me a better problem solver. It seems like I have more confidence in handling tough situations. Physical strength begets mental strength and stamina.

 What My Workout Routine Looks Like

Three or four mornings a week, I have been lifting weights and doing yoga. I usually do a combo of strength training (minus the weights), vigorous weight lifting, and yoga. I often top it off with the elliptical trainer and meditation. I do this for 45 minutes to an hour.

 On my bonus days, that's when I clean the house thoroughly, once a week. You wouldn't believe the number of calories you can burn just from cleaning your house or detailing your car!

Another thing I do changes it up, or work on one move consistently, staying in that position in order to get the best result and use the most of my time. Most people have legs days, arm days, etc. I don't work out that way. I do a full body workout magic mojo combo every single time.

How to Change Up Your Workout Routine 

You should actively work to change up your workout routine, not only to work for more muscle groups, but also to prevent things from getting stale. Once you get bored with what you're doing, it's time to move on! Remember, you can always go back to it later.

How do I do that? I do it in little ways. Each and every time I have a strength training session, I add in new moves, do longer reps, or stay in one very long pose in a holding pattern.

You should always be challenging yourself. One thing I have learned is that your body knows what to do. Your body will give you direction, and lead you in what to do next. The more you workout, the more your intuition will kick in.

To change up your workout routine, I also recommend setting a new challenge goal for yourself every week, at the start of the week. For example, next week my challenge goal is to do a headstand up against the wall. The week after, depending on how that goes, my challenge goal will be to move away from the wall.

 The goals you set for working out are mental. You'll set them in your mind as you are working out and practicing moves.

Most people say go fast and flow quickly through the moves. If that works for you, then that's A-okay, I think. I recommend moving slowly through the moves and concentrating on each move as you go along, getting the most from what that move will do for your body.

When I do this, it's like I am also working on my mind. It aids me in mental acuity and concentration. Go into each move and be aware.

Don't Forget to Sweat Out the Toxins 

In addition to strength training sessions, you'll want to add in some cardio. It is my opinion now that cardio should be your secondary or fallback work out. It can be the treadmill, walking the dog, swimming in the lake, or playing tennis. It's up to you what you choose, but by all means, choose something!

Cardio is going to get through those subcutaneous layers of fat in your muffin top or thighs. it will also get your heart rate up and your doctor will love you.

I tend to lead my workout with cardio. For me, it's my elliptical trainer. I get on there for ten minutes to warm up muscles, before lifting weights. I also use it to top off my workouts.

At the end of a strength training session, I either end it in ten to fifteen minutes of yoga and meditation, or I hop on the elliptical for a little longer.

You can also use cardio in between your moves to boost your workout into overdrive. How do I do that? I either do jumping jacks, jog across the house for a minute or two, or I dance. These are called quick bursts and I do them throughout my weight training, as well as throughout my day.

Build Up Duration and Endurance

I don't do this every single time, but I am working towards building up duration and endurance. Duration means that I want to do longer strength training sessions and endurance means that I have what it takes to get through it. I want to maximize my potential.

In order to build up duration, I often start workouts earlier or I spend all of the time I had on being vigorous. Making the most use out of your workout time is really important if you are really looking to see changes happening in the appearance of your body.

For endurance, this is where those long, slower, more focused moves come into play. If I want to ever be able to endure doing a headstand without wall support, I have to work up to it. Build up to things a little at a time and challenge yourself constantly.

 Change Up Your Diet

This is the part where you have to be honest with yourself. Even if you're thin like I am, in order to get rid of fat, so that your new muscles show through, you need to change your diet!

 You can do it in little ways. Not everything has to be done all at once. For example, if you normally have a sandwich for lunch, you can have a salad, a bowl of fruit, or juice instead. Remember, it's the little things that count and add up.

I recommend keeping a food diary for at least a month and write everything you eat down. Yes, even if you are skinny! You may find that you aren't drinking enough water or eating enough veggies.

The results of keeping a food journal are phenomenal! For me, it was the realization that I allow myself to binge eat several times a week. By binge eat, I mean have days where I pig out. Some days, I found that I was eating even when I wasn't hungry.

Even if you fall on the thin side, binge eating can still make you feel bad about yourself. It can lead to eating disorders and bad habits if you're not careful.

I'll be revealing the results of my food diary, in an upcoming post. It was an eye-opening experience!

 Change Your Mindset About Fitness

The more you workout, the more your mindset will change. In the meantime, don't have an all or nothing attitude about it! Do what you can do that day and be kind and forgiving of yourself.

There are some days like today, where things don't go according to plan. Maybe you overslept, maybe you go too busy to workout, maybe you were out sick for a week.

Don't let life events slow you down. Just try to fit in what you can, even if it's a walk around the block.

This will keep the momentum going. Gradually, over time, you'll begin to crave working out anyway. By the time, usually around the one month mark, you'll start seeing results.

When you do, that will propel you to keep going. There's nothing more empowering than looking in the mirror and flexing your muscles or seeing a six-pack begin to emerge in your stomach.

This is either the point in which most people give up, or keep going. My advice: Keep going! This is just a hump that you have to get over to get to the next step.

When you find yourself getting in a rut, do shake up your routine! Now is the time to make changes. Push through the rut by keep on keeping on. Suddenly, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Set New Goals Today

If you want to know how to kill it with fitness, set new goals today! Whatever place you are starting from, form one or two challenge goals and be specific.

Too many people choose goals that are too broad or basic, without a map to get to where they need to go. For example, it's too general to say that you want to look good in a bikini by May.

That's a great goal, but how do you get there. How about, I would like to be able to do 100 sit-ups and ab crunches by May 1st so that my stomach will look good in a bikini. Those little details are going to become your everything.

Start Right Now

Now is as good a time as any to start working out. After you read this, do something, anything to work out. Put on some music and dance. Take a stroll around the block. Do 20 planks. Whatever. Just get your body moving now, so you can kill it with fitness!

How about you? What does your workout routine look like? Best of luck and happy fitness! 

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