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Fruitarian Vegan Watermelon Bowl

The Fruitarian Vegan Watermelon Bowl might just be my simplest recipe ever!  Why?  Because it's no more than one single step.  You can dress your bowl as much or as little as you want.

To make a vegan watermelon bowl, you'll need a full watermelon.  You'll cut off the ends to create a bowl shape.  You can then grab a spoon and eat as is or slightly freeze it for later.

Other tricks of the trade:  You spoon out the insides of the watermelon, then add in a variety of beautiful fruits!

What types of fruit can go into your fruitarian vegan watermelon bowl?  You can add grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, banana slices, and more!

Can be the perfect vegan bowl for parties or for the kiddies.  Kids will often eat healthy things, so long as they are pretty.  I have to admit, I'm much like a kid in this way.

The best part:  It's raw vegan, natural, and ready to go!  Just slice your watermelon up into the shape of a bowl and enjoy.

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