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Follow Me On a Week-Long Juice Fast

Follow me on a week-long juice fast!  I start today.  Many people are curious about juicing but are afraid to give it a try, as it means giving up solid food for an allotted period of time.  Follow along with me to get the full scoop on what really happens when you perform a juice fast!

Yesterday, it dawned on me that I wanted to do another juice fast.  Some people do them to lose weight.  Some people juice to detox.  Some people juice to develop a healthy lifelong habit.  This time, I'm doing it to detox.

If you ever want to detox, juicing is a clever way to go about it, because it actually works!  Read about The Mermaid Detox to get started.

I want to detox because I went through a phase where I was eating "clean" to a phase where I was eating crap.  Eating unhealthy gives me a sticky, icky feeling that only "juicing" can get rid of.

We all go through those phases and it's perfectly normal but the best way to set the tone for eating healthy solids again is to fast.  Fasting helps reset your metabolism and rid your body of dangerous toxins and build-up of waste.
Follow me on a week-long juice fast or follow along with me as you get started too!  The first day is easy.  You just simply make your decision, grab or make juice recipes, and go about your day.

Tips for the First Day of Your Juice Fast

  1. Make a decision and stick with it.  Don't second-guess yourself.  If you feel this is something you need or want to do then go with the flow, man!
  2. Juice with what you have.  You may already have a cupboard full of juice ingredients or have a bottle of aloe vera juice just sitting there, waiting to be consumed.  Either way, you're ready to go!
  3. Keep your mind occupied.  It's only natural that you are going to think about food a lot.  You may even have this feeling of doom like you can't live without it.  Guess what?  Surprise, surprise!  You can.  You'll probably be getting far more nutrients than when you were eating.
  4. Make a Juice Plan.  You've just started but you want to make this week count.  Make a list of ingredients that you'll need.  I'm putting up my Juice Recipe Pin Board from Pinterest on here too, to get you going.  I tend to just throw ingredients together that sound good and it almost always works out.  Also, plan on being near a bathroom on day two and three.  This is the process of elimination for the toxins in your body so be sure to plan ahead for this!
  5. Drink Other Drinks.  This may seem obvious but when I first started juicing years ago, I thought I should only juice.  It's okay, in fact, highly recommended, to drink a ton of water (especially if it's fruit infused, see The Mermaid Detox Add-On: Hydration), tea, and other drinks that naturally occur in bottles.  It will kill the boredom and will help get your mind moving in the right direction.

Juice Fast Day Two: What It's Like, What You Can Expect

Yesterday, I started a juice fast and you can read about it in Follow Me On a Week-long Juice Fast. In Juice Fast Day Two: What It's Like, What You Can Expect, I'll walk you through what day two looks and feels like.  I'll also be sharing some of my tips for staving off the hunger, as day two feels a whole lot different than day one!

Yesterday, if you joined me, you made the decision to start a juice fast.  Maybe you needed to lose a few pounds.  Maybe you needed more energy during the day.  Maybe you can't control food cravings and needed something to get you over the hump.  Whatever the reason, you started it, and I'm really proud of you!

First, let's go over how day one went.  To me, the first day is always the easiest.  You jump right in and begin juicing.  You feel pumped and motivated!  Your mood effectively follows suit with your body so you feel pretty great.

Then day two rolls around and you may notice a difference.  Day two, you're doing some massive detoxing.  You may be hitting the bathroom a lot.  You're losing water weight.  You're starting to dream about food more.  Don't be alarmed, all of this is perfectly normal.

You may have a completely different experience and that's perfectly normal and okay too!  By now, your mind should be "bargaining" with you.  This means you're thinking, maybe one little bite of this or that won't hurt.  You may even go to sleep tonight dreaming of food.  Not to worry, this too shall pass and I will help you get through it.

Tips For Getting Through Your Second Day of Juicing

  • Chew gum.  Sometimes chewing gum helps with the food cravings.  It keeps a fresh, minty taste in your mouth and it keeps you from indulging your senses.
  • Rotate Between a Juice and a Smoothie.  A juice is made with your juicer and becomes more liquefied, whereas a smoothie has a thicker texture and is made from the blender.  They both have health benefits and accomplish the same goal but it will keep you from getting bored.
  • Make Soup.  That's right, you can have soup during a juice fast, as long as it's vegan and it's pureed to the point of being smooth in texture.  You can even make a soup with your blender.  Make sure that your soups are well-blended, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of juicing.
  • Turn your fruit smoothie into a bowl of cold soup.  This is another trick to make you feel more full and satisfied.  This is a cold soup, made with ice in the blender, that tastes flavorful and sweet, in lieu of traditional hot soup.  
  • Add sprinkles to your juice or smoothie.  Add cinnamon for a sweeter flavor, cayenne for something hot & spicy, and tiny pieces of shaved chives for the top of soups as a garnish.  
  • Add seeds to your juice or smoothie.  A good choice is chia and flax seeds.  Different textures will make you feel like you're keeping things fresh and different.
  • Have a Jalapeno.  Whenever you have a craving for food.  Have a little piece of Jalapeno or touch of hot sauce on your tongue.  Not only is Jalapeno peppers known for their weight-loss qualities but the spicy flavor dulls down the hunger in a pinch.
  • Add prepared tea to your juice or smoothie.  Green tea, chamomile to help you relax, or matcha tea.  Green tea has been proven to help aid weight loss so there you go!
  • Add flowers to the mix.  Yes, there are many edible flowers that you can add to your juice fast such as, dandelion, begonias, clover, cornflower, carnations, begonia, English daisies, and chrysanthemums.  You may even have them growing in your garden right now!
If you have any questions about juicing and how you can tailor your experience, write me on Etsy.  I am happy to help.  Happy juicing!  See you tomorrow.

Juice Fast Day Three: When the Magic Happens

We're on day three of the juice fast and this is where the magic happens!  If you've made it this far, you're about to get over the hump.  After day three, things get a whole lot easier in a juice fast so that should give you something to smile about.

If you've only just arrived, you can Follow Me on a Week-long Juice Fast by starting from the beginning or check out how day two goes, in case you may have missed it.

By the third day of a juice fast, it's like a light switch goes on.  You may still be detoxing but your mood and energy will have improved dramatically.  You should already feel the difference.

Your clothes should be easier to put on now, as you may feel a little bit lighter.  Unfortunately, day three is where most people decide to stop.  I say keep going for best results!

The longer you juice for, the more you clean the toxins from your body and the more weight you lose.  The second day can make you want to give up, it's an especially tough day filled with food dreams and hunger pangs (for some people).  If you can get past that, I think you can get through anything!

When the Magic Happens

Day three of a juice fast is when the magic happens!  It's like a moment that finally arrives, that you've been waiting a long time for.  It's a milestone for you so give yourself a pat on the back!

By the third day, you'll have gotten the hang of juicing.  You're more prepared than ever before and getting up in the morning to juice becomes second nature to you.  Juicing is in full swing!

Here are a few tried and true tips to help you keep going!  This is the stage where you'll either stop your juice fast or feel motivated and inspired to keep going.

Tips to Keep Your Juice Fast Going

  • Write a love note to yourself about how you'll feel when you reach your goal, only in the present moment.  That way, you can thank yourself and the universe that you made it!
  • Go grocery shopping for exotic fruits and unusual veggies.  Starfruit, mangoes, pomegranate, and even cactus can give you the energy boost you need because you won't get bored with what you're doing.  Fighting boredom is crucial on a juice fast!
  • Every time you feel like eating something solid, slip on your jeans.  Notice that they are already getting looser.  That will motivate you in a heartbeat!
  • Take notice of your mood, your energy levels, and your skin.  You should be feeling healthier by now!  That alone is reason enough to keep going.

Juice Fast Days 4-7: Weight-Loss Tips

 Performing a Juice Fast Days Four Through Seven: Weight Loss Tips will help you reach the finish line with ease and grace!

If you've made it past day three, you are now over the hump, congratulations!  You have successfully made it through the three most difficult days of a juice fast.

During Juice Fast Days Four Through Seven, we're going to cover weight loss tips.  Juicing is how I lost a little over 30 pounds over four years ago.  If it worked for me, I know it can work for you too!

The Secret to Weight-Loss

I'm going to tell you a secret about losing weight that you may be surprised to hear.  Listen real carefully.  Losing weight is easy!  It only gets complicated when we complicate it.

I know this for a fact because I went through this myself several years ago.  I had never gained weight before, in my entire life, so naturally, I didn't know how to lose it.  I soon would discover, that once I put my mind to it, it was easy and straightforward.

During times when my weight-loss would hit a plateau, I knew it was something to do with my mind over thinking and complicating things.  That was the point in which, I'd readjust, and keep moving forward.  Guess what?  It worked!

Our minds are what get in the way.  We over analyze, we over think, we complicate.  Juicing takes the guesswork out of it for you.  It's straightforward and it doesn't apologize for what it's asking you to do.  You just start doing it and the results will come, I guarantee you.

 Stop Obsessing Over the Numbers

Stop obsessing over the numbers!  When I lost the weight a little more than four years ago, I didn't obsess over the numbers and I didn't jump on the weight scale daily.

I would check in with my body, once a week or less.  If I got stuck at a number for a little longer than I would have liked, I didn't think about it, I just kept going.

The weight scale is meant to keep you at a healthy, ideal weight in life.  Use it sparingly and if at all possible, once all the weight is gone, put it away and only take it out on special occasions!  Jeans are a great way to measure weight, as they will tighten and envelope your body.

See Yourself As Thin Already!

One of the first things I did when I wanted to lose weight was to see myself as thin already!  I saw myself and how I used to be.  I brought out my old tiny clothes and prepared them for my brand-new skinny body.

I would take walks every day because walking is an action that immediately aids weight loss and while I was taking those walks, I felt and could see myself thin.  I did this every single day, showing that I was more than willing to meet the universe halfway.

I also took out old pics of when I was thinner and would look at them, remembering fondly how it felt to be thin and light.  All of this kept propelling me forward to easily lose more weight.

Also, looking at images of yourself heavier can motivate and fuel the fire for weight loss.  In fact, a picture sparked my weight loss!

I had gone to a close friend's wedding and saw pictures of myself the next day on Facebook.  It was in my face, I could not deny that I had gained a lot of weight.  The very next day a friend told me about juicing and I started immediately.

See what I mean?  I didn't think about it.  I just took the matter into my own hands and said this is what I'm going to do and I got the job done.  Luckily, in this day and age, we have the power of the internet at the press of a button to do research when we want to make a change, look up a recipe, or start a new project like weight loss.

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

When I was losing weight, I was losing it at the same time as my niece.  We would call each other every day and encourage each other.  All of this was great until one day she called and told me her weight.  She had lost a little bit more than me at a faster rate.

That was the moment that I stopped comparing myself to others!  I didn't worry about her weight.  I simply put the focus on what actions I was taking to lose the weight.  By this time, I was adding solid foods back into my diet because I had lost a large portion of the weight.

I made a conscious decision to keep an exact number of calories per day and on top of that, I had taken from walking outdoors to hitting the treadmill hard.  I overcame my plateau quite easily after that.

Once I hit 110 pounds, I stopped weighing myself for a long time.  All of the rest of the weight came off naturally after that.  The point being, I did it my way.

I didn't compare myself to my niece because there was nothing to compare.  We were both reaching different destinations and our journey was our own.  Take that into account if you'd like to lose weight with a friend.

How You'll Lose the Weight While Juicing

When people lose weight by juicing, they lose it in a specific way, so let's talk about that.  There are three parts to losing weight by using the juice fast method.  It is also the reason that I recommend going beyond the three-day juice fast if you're doing it to lose pounds.

Part One:  You'll Lose Water Weight
.  Within the first three days, you'll lose a lot of water weight so keep hydrated.  It's critical to your health.  You may be surprised to know that you can lose anywhere from 5-10 pounds in just water weight alone.  This especially holds true for women, as our bodies are built for water retention.
Part Two:  You'll Lose Poop Weight
.  Sorry to be so blunt but it's true.  If you're a meat eater, then you'll have even more to detox because meat has a way of staying in the body, as it is difficult to eliminate the waste.  You'll be going to the bathroom a lot more while juicing and therefore, will lose a lot of weight by doing this method.  Days two and three are highly evident of this.  Anything beyond that will just be your bodies natural waste eliminations due to drinking fibrous fruit and veggies.
Part Three:  You'll Lose the Real Weight
.  Within a week, your body will have adjusted to juicing a little better.  Most of the detox session has come to pass and now you'll be losing the actual weight or "real" weight your body carries.

Water weight is gone (other than what you need of course) and the poop weight is gone (All of the excess and toxins were eliminated during the juice fast) and this is the point where you can make a decision.  Should I keep going?  Or am I in a good place?

Whatever you decide, be sure to check in with a doctor before starting any type of weight loss program.  If you feel like you can keep going, and you have more weight to lose, then, by all means, do what feels good for you!  Know that I believe in you, that the universe believes in you (you just have to meet her halfway), and now you've just got to believe in yourself!

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