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Find Your Happy Weight

Find your happy weight and weight loss are two of the biggest health-related topics people ask me all the time.  I can understand why.  Losing weight is a journey and it takes willpower, drive, and determination.

Some people struggle to lose weight after having a baby while others have been battling weight problems their whole lives.  With American obesity at 35.7% (that's 1/3!) and 40% of women in the United States being overweight, I feel like it's time for me to step in and make a difference and help people!

First of all, I've been in your shoes.  I gained a bunch of weight in my early to mid-thirties and being that I had never been overweight before, I had no clue on how to lose it.  You can read my weight loss story here.  It was hard, probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life but I did it and you can too!

What is Your Happy Weight?

Your happy weight is the weight that you feel the most confident and sexy at.  It's the weight that feels comfortable in your clothes, especially in your jeans.  It's the weight that makes you look and feel stellar in a bathing suit or in your birthday suit.  Whatever that weight is, you've most likely been there before so you already know.

Can your happy weight change?  Absolutely!  For the most part, it doesn't but here are a couple of instances where it might change.

Let's say you've been skinny all your weight and you have a happy weight you like to reside at, then you start working out.  If you are doing strength training 4-days a week, for example, it will most definitely go up because muscle weighs more than fat.  In this case, your happy weight will be the happy weight you're at, after getting in the best shape of your entire life!

How to Find Your Happy Weight

Finding your happy weight is easy, peasy!  Your happy weight is determined by the weight you settle at after losing the weight.  It is the weight that you sit at for at least a year or two.  It is the weight that you're at after you get into the best shape of your life, in equal measure to eating healthy.

For example, you might just find your weight goes up a few pounds when you are toned in good shape.  When you are physically fit, you have more muscle mass.  If you are also lean too, meaning you were at a healthy weight, to begin with, then that's your happy weight!

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