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Cucumber Juice Recipe For Hydration

This morning I actually ended up killing two birds with one stone (though that expression irks me!), and I used the ingredients for my detox water, which you'll see in an upcoming recipe, to create the Cucumber Juice Recipe for Hydration! Don't let the fact that this drink is white fool you, it's the main ingredient is pink grapefruit.

I have been craving pink grapefruit lately, and since I'm only one of three people I know (Do I count?), that eats them, I decided to give into the splurge. First of all, this drink has a zing to it, that's to it's bitter, tangy ingredients. If that sounds good to you, believe me, it is!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I like simple recipes. I like things to be as presto as possible, but to still remain yummy and healthy too! That's very important to me.

 I actually just threw this together this morning. I had all the ingredients out and threw it in my nutri-bullet, and off we went! So, it turned out white, which I thought was kind of magical. I mean, pink grapefruits to a white elixir, that's interesting to me.

I think it turned white because one of my ingredients was cucumbers and the other was ginger root. Tumeric root and ginger root, tend to end up in almost all my potions, it seems like. This time, it was just the ginger root.

I named it Cucumber Juice Recipe For Hydration, because of the way it made me feel while I was drinking it and after. It made me feel clear, magical, and like an alchemist. silly reasons, I'll give you, but that's the way my mind works sometimes.

Nutritional Value

Pink Grapefruits have a whopping dose of vitamin C at 64% and a healthy dose of Vitamin A at 28%! This is good news if you need an energy boost or needs to actually revitalize your energy. Vitamin A is also known for building cells, and that includes skin cells, to make your skin look healthy and fresh. It's also been known to help you with vision, keeping those beautiful eyes healthy, and with giving your immunity a huge boost.

Cucumbers, which I'm kinda in love with, mainly for my water, are good for hydration. They are also jam-packed with helpful antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. Since inflammation fights off an infection or a wound, an anti-inflammatory will help soak up the excess, which is often caused by the stress of the situation. This is really important for keeping things balanced in your body!

Ginger Root, like I said, is part of my everyday life. It has to be. I have colitis, and colitis is what makes my stomach became inflamed and swell up, to where I have some really painful episodes. Ginger is the cure-all for all stomach related pain and problems. It gets to the root of the problem, pun intended!

 What You'll Need:

*One whole pink grapefruit 

*One medium cucumber 

*One medium sprig of ginger root 

*A Splash of orange juice (your choice!) 

*Purified or bottled water

What to Do: 

* Cut the whole grapefruit into a half for smaller juice recipe, or use whole pink grapefruit, for a larger juice size. Cut and pull off the peels. Throw in Nutri-bullet, blender, or whatever juice mixer you're utilizing.

* Cut a full medium cucumber into slices, throw in the container.

* Cut off a decent sized sprig of ginger root and add that in.

*  Add a splash of orange juice

* Now, add in purified water to the fill line, and blend well. I usually try to blend for a good five solid minutes, but it depends on you. I also made mine more on the thicker side, more pulpy, but a different blade can make it more juice-like and fluid if you like.

*Then, drink up and enjoy! Get ready for a zing on your tongue.

 Leftover Grapefruit:

Use the Grapefruit peels for your garbage disposal or as zest for other recipes. It will make your house smell like grapefruit! 

Try this! It takes just five minutes or so, to get your day going in a healthy way. Let me know what you think of it. I personally found it to be revitalizing and again, downright magical! 
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