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Chia Seed Cold Cereal Vegan Bowl For Weight Loss

This chia seed cold cereal vegan bowl for weight loss is so good and so filling, that you may have to eat it in two parts throughout the day! See, that's the thing with healthy, nutritious foods. They keep you satiated and satisfied longer.

Most of the time, this is said about veggies and fruits, and it would be true, but this is also the case with cereals that are rich in nutrients!

Nutrition Info Chia Seeds - Chia seeds are the main ingredient, and it's kind of magical, how these teeny tiny little seeds pack such a powerful quotient of nutrients.

The biggest thing I can say about chia seeds is that they have Omega 3 fatty acids. You've heard of those before, haven't you? They lower your triglyceride levels, which lowers your risk for heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women worldwide, so that's a pretty big deal!

Chia seeds also have carbohydrates, which release a quick burst of energy into your system throughout the day. This occurs more with nuts, seeds, and grains, because of their staying power. That's why it helps you to stay full longer.

The chia seeds also have protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium for strong bones. They really are one powerful seed!

Almond Milk - is processed, though it is quite easy and possible to make your own, by soaking them overnight. Almond milk is fortified with rich vitamins and minerals, including lots of protein.

Almond milk is dairy and lactose-free, gluten free, cholesterol free, soy free, plus vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin E, and calcium, again, for strong bones and teeth!

I personally used to hate it, not really hate it, but I didn't have a personal use for it. Almond milk makes a great base for converting to an all plant-based diet, eating healthy, and for cold cereals, vegan bowls, and smoothies. Love me some almond milk!

Bananas - Bananas are known for monkeys, and well, potassium. They are also a great source of fiber and carbohydrates. You know, the complex, healthy kind. Plus, they taste good! Grape Nuts - Known for being a powerhouse for both fiber and protein. This is especially important for aiding with digestion and plant-based diets.

Grape Nuts - Known for being a powerhouse for both fiber and protein. This is especially important for aiding with digestion and plant-based diets.

 Grocery List 

How It Works

The chia seed cold cereal vegan bowl for weight loss starts the night before. You'll need to pour 4 - heaping tablespoons of chia seeds into a cereal bowl. Pour cold almond milk over the top. Let them sit overnight.

Please note: if you are allergic to almonds, you can substitute it with cashew milk or soy milk, if you're allergic to all nuts. There are all sorts of great options for everyone!

What happens next is kinda fun. The chia seeds will expand throughout the night, by soaking up the milk that you poured over them. They will create a thick cereal substance, all on their own.

In the morning, before you eat it, add a light layer of grape-nuts and let them soak. Make sure it is a very thin, light dust layer. Again, this is very filling!

After maybe an hour or so, your vegan bowl will be ready to eat. You can either eat it as is, add banana slices, or add a little more milk to it for a lighter, more silky substance. Eat up and enjoy!

Weight Loss 

This recipe works best for weight loss, by having a bowl every morning of your diet. Not only will it keep you full all day long, but you may not be able to eat it all, it's so filling!

This means that you can eat it in two parts. You can lose up to a pound a day using this method! If you eat part for breakfast and part for lunch, let me show you how to revive it for two parts.

This will extend the life of the cereal and will keep you full and satisfied even longer.

Part One: Eat as normal, exactly from the recipe.

Part Two: Leftovers. You can then add something else to it, to keep it going, to keep you full longer. I recommend adding more fruits to it. It tastes really good when you add slices of strawberries, pineapple, and coconut shavings, and also really good laced with agave nectar in a swirl.


 You can choose to convert your chia seed cold cereal vegan bowl into a smoothie. You can do this with leftovers, or when you just want to change things up. To convert to a smoothie, add more almond milk, more fruit (especially blueberries, they taste and work really well with this recipe), and some crushed ice or ice cubes. Feel free to change it up and make it your own!

Chia seeds are the key to the weight loss! Yes, they hold all the nutrients that scare us off for weight loss, but those very ingredients are the ones you need. In order to lose weight, it goes something like this:

  • You need complex carbohydrates, to burn fuel and give you energy throughout the day.
  • You need protein to build muscles
  • You absolutely need healthy or "good" fats, and those can be found in omega 3's! 
Reason being: You stay full longer! You disperse quick bursts of energy throughout the day. You full rich, full, and satisfied.

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