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Body Confidence and How to Love Your Body

Body confidence is something a lot of us struggle with, myself included.  It's one of those things where we're always going to be a work in progress and I think that's okay.  The thing is, I am sick of the way we body shame ourselves and in some cases, others!

I think most of us are our own worst enemy when it comes to how we talk to ourselves about our bodies.  Every day we send a lot of negative messages to ourselves, that takes away from our body confidence.  So, how do we change that?

We Start Rooting For Ourselves and Eachother

We become conscious and aware of body shaming.  Most women are more likely to body shame themselves, and while that's better than body shaming other women, it still contributes to the negative messages that society tells us about our bodies!

Start by working on yourself first.  Every time you hear a negative message go through your head, stop yourself, observe it, and then let it pass.  Just like meditation.  You can even keep a notebook filled with those nasty, ugly thoughts.  Why?  So you can see them!  Once you see them, you'll suddenly realize just how nasty and ugly you talk to yourself!

Next, do you judge other women?  When you see an overweight woman walking down the road, do you have negative thoughts about that?  If you do, become aware of it and then change that thought!  It doesn't matter if no one else knows what goes on inside your head because you do.  Change that thought into something positive and kind.

For example, good for her!  She's walking and she's trying to lose the weight.  Send her good vibes and positive energy.  Women come in all different shapes and sizes and that's amazing, that's great because that's how God made us.  We're all unique and beautiful in our own way!

We have to first start by loving the skin we're in and you can do that by taking good care of yourself.  I know when I workout consistently and I'm eating healthy, I feel like I have a glow about me.  I feel confident and sexy from the inside and out.  That should be the goal, don't you think?

How to Love Your Body

Loving your body is an inside job!  It definitely starts with your thoughts and how you feel about yourself.

Obviously, some days are going to better than others, and this is something that you're always going to have to work on for the rest of your life.  Don't look at that like a death sentence though, that just means you're always going to be getting better and improving yourself.  That's a very good thing!

How to love your body?  You must match your insides to your outsides!  For example, if you're just laying around, not working out, and stuffing your face with potato chips, then you're not going to feel good inside.  Period.  However, if you get off the couch, turn on some music, and just start dancing and moving, then that's a score.  That leads to other things.

After dancing, you may feel so good, so high off endorphins, that you decide you might like to throw that family size bag of potato chips away and have a salad for dinner instead.  See?  It's all connected!

Start eating healthy and you'll want to work out.  Start moving your body and you'll want to eat healthier.  It all goes hand-in-hand.  Taking care of yourself, even the smallest action on your part will start a chain reaction, and you'll begin to love your body more and more!

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