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Aloe Vera Plant First Aide Kit

Aloe vera plants are my favorite living plant for so many reasons. They have great little personalities, that I really love, and can be differentiated easily.

They like to be identified by a name, so it's always good to name your aloe vera plant. I believe that every household should have at least one aloe vera plant in it! Do you have one in yours?

If not, you should totally get one!  They are amazing and I even name mine.  It's not just the fact that aloe vera plants make for a friendly environment, like a first aide kit, they heal with little to no effort.  You just have to take good care of them.

Luckily, aloe vera plants are low maintenance and easy to care for!  I've included a care kit on how to care for your aloe with this first aide kit.  That way, you'll have a symbiotic relationship with your aloe vera plant.

Can be used for:  

*  Medicinal purposes and first aide

*  Houseplant and family member

*  Beauty Recipes

*  As food for juices and smoothies

*  Emotional healing and to open your heart

Pairs well with:

*  Rose quartz crystals (for heart opening, romantic relationships, emotional healing, and medicinal purposes on a spiritual level).

Aloe Vera Plants:

*  Are easy to take care of, very low maintenance

*  Have multiple uses and are multi-purpose

*  Are asexual and will create their own offspring, as they grow larger.  

*  Have their own personalities and either a masculine or feminine energy

*  Have magical healing properties

Aloe Vera Emotional Healing: 

Aloe vera plants are great listeners and they absorb your problems, as you talk to them.  Don't believe me?  Give it a try!

Another thing you can do is write out all your feelings in a letter and bury it in the soil of your plant.  This will begin the healing process.  Suddenly, you'll find solutions to your problems and burdens will be lifted.

Your aloe vera pups, can be used for heartbreak, grieving, and any emotional conflict you may be having.  A good rule of green thumb is to keep in mind, the older the aloe vera plant, the wiser.  Aloe vera pups are like human babies, they will lift your spirits just being in their presence.

Aloe Vera Physical Healing:

Another great thing about aloe vera plants is their natural ability to physically heal too.  If you burn or cut yourself, aloe vera is a natural antiseptic treatment.  

Simply, run to your potted plant or out to your garden, and cut a blade off of your plant.  Be sure to thank him or her first.  Then rub the gel inside onto your open wound or burn.  

For burns, you ca rub the gel on right away.  For cuts or open wounds, I'd wait until the bleeding has stopped.

You can also heal yourself on the inside too, using the application of an aloe plant.  You can buy pre-made aloe vera juice to cleanse your insides of all toxins, or you can blend aloe vera into a smoothie like I did in the Aloe Vera Plant Energy Healing Smoothie.
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