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Activate Your Fitness After a Long Hiatus

How to activate your fitness when after a long hiatus is simpler than you think! I have a tendency to go through periods where I'm either working out all the time or where working out completely takes a back seat. The good news is that I always get back on the horse again, so to speak!

While I'm working towards changing how I workout, this is a struggle that I believe most humans have. We tend to have so much going on, that it feels more difficult than it actually is to fit in one more thing. Well, what if you were to turn that one thing into the priority?

Shifting my priorities, writing it out on an actual list, always makes my mind and body follow suit. The most difficult time of the year for me to make fitness a priority is right now, in the summertime. This is because I can sleep in and my body clock actually shifts for summer, allowing me to stay up later or to be unable to fall asleep easily.

During the school months, the early bird catches the worm! I'm up super-early and get more done than most people do before 9 am. This includes getting in an awesome workout!

 Then summer rolls in, as does my laziness. No Bueno! But like all things in life, I can change that and so can you!

Activating your fitness is all about shifting your mindset so read on to find a few things you can do to cue your mind to prepare for a workout!

● Get your gear ready! Once you get into the habit of this, your mind will begin to see it as an everyday thing and will assimilate. This means your running shoes, maybe clean your equipment, renew your gym pass, whatever it means to you. 

● Clean your house! This may sound weird but I swear by it. Nothing says activate like the feeling you get from cleaning house. It's mood-lifting, it burns calories, and afterward, you feel like you're on a natural high, just like working out.

● Get outside! There is just something about nature that sets the tone for something active, whether it be taking a nature walk or getting on your boat. It just makes you instantly feel alive and active.

● Eat Healthily! Something about eating healthy, makes you want to workout too! The more good things you do for your body, the more you want to keep doing. It just goes hand in hand!

● Soak up some rays! Just like a plant, you need the photosynthesis. Humans need light to thrive.

Just not too much. It is always a good idea when you feel lazy or down, to sit in the sun for awhile, a max of 30 minutes is a good rule of thumb.

Be sure to always use your sunscreen. This will help to activate that part of your brain that thrives on activity!

The number one rule that I can think of is for you to start today! Don't hesitate, don't delay. The sooner you start, even if it's taking the world's shortest walk, you'll get into your active bubble more quickly.

As for myself, I'm totally going to clean my house today. I'm an aggressive cleaner and it's fun to use towels on my wood floors. I love making them shine in the sunlight. Let the fitness activation begin! 

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