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5-Ways to Get Fitness on the Brain

Getting fitness on the brain isn't always easy. Life gets overwhelming, you are swamped at work, and on top of everything else, the kids need school clothes. Sound familiar? I hear you and while we can't change life happening to you, we can change your mindset through fitness.

I have a philosophy that I live by. When life feels out of control, the one thing I can always count on and control is diet and fitness. I swear by this because it boosts your confidence, sets the tone for the day, and it gives you the strength to keep going.

Pretty powerful properties, wouldn't you say? Imagine the possibilities if you were to make it your priority in life!

Often, we make fitness the last thing on our brain instead of the first and that's because we see it as another chore to add to our endless list of responsibilities.

Today, I'm going to show you Five Ways to Get Fitness on the Brain! Are you ready? Let's go!

Number One:  Don't Think About It, Just Do It

This is not exactly mind-blowing but there's a reason why Nike became so popular with their Just Do It slogan. It works!

We often over think things to death when we should be spending more time doing. This instantly activates your brain for fitness. If you find yourself thinking about exercising, then use that moment to jump on the treadmill, take a walk, or do those ab crunches. Just do it! 

The thing is, the more you think about working out, the less you want to. You'll start making a list of excuses not to work out and trust me, those excuses will always be there. Instead, make a list of reasons why you should work out! 

The key to getting fitness brain is taking action, even if it takes baby steps. It immediately activates that part of your brain that gets pumped and excited about fitness. 

It starts to almost drool over the expectation of knowing that your full body will be pumped full of happy sugar-coated endorphins. Your body lives for those moments!

Number Two:  Make a List Of Excuses To Workout

It's activity time! Now, I really want you to make a list of excuses to work out. You may find that there are more than you ever thought you could dream up.

Here are a few of my own. Feel free to use them for your own or to add to your list of excuses. 

Check out my list of workout excuses here.  There are 25-of them total, but you can also make up your own list.
Then when you're finished with your own list, stick it somewhere you can see it often. This will remind you that you have every excuse under the sun to work out. 

Number Three:  Make It Fun and Playful

Not every workout that you get in has to be hardcore and serious. Sometimes it's good to burn calories in a fun and playful way.

 The girls and I are probably way too old to be going to playgrounds but that doesn't stop us! Here are a few fun ways to burn calories that don't actually feel like you're working out. some of them may surprise you.

1.Hit the playground at your local park 

2. Ride a bike for fun instead of trying to be like Lance Armstrong. Take the day off from the aerodynamic suits and just ride for the love of riding a bike, like you did when you were a kid. 

3. Take a long walk on the beach 

4. Go swimming in the ocean. Swim against the current. 

5. Wash your car and make it brand-new and shiny! 

6. Swim in the pool and have a water fight 

7. Do some gardening and get earthy and grounded. 

8. Take a hike! Walk through the mountains or hit a simple trail on lower grounds. Either way, it counts! 

9. Clean your house. This one is a major calorie burner that is often overlooked. 

10. Go kayaking! Kayaking is a wonderful form of exercise, no matter where you live. Plus, it's fun!

Number Four:  Write It Down!

There's something about the practice of writing things that make it stick in your memory. Write down every activity that you do, everything counts!

Remember that walking the dog counts, washing the car counts, chasing your kids for a half an hour in the grass, it all counts for something. These are all calorie burning activities. 

Get in the habit of writing it down in your blog, your fitness journal, or in lipstick on the mirror of your bathroom. Whatever works best for you and your lifestyle! 

Your body remembers where you left off so it's only natural that your brain would follow suit. Writing it down or even keeping track on a fitness tracker app can help tremendously to get fitness on the brain. It helps develop the habit.

Number Five:  Fit It In Wherever You Can!

If you're anything like me, you might be a fitness perfectionist with an all or nothing attitude. The best thing you can do is cut yourself a break, stop trying to be perfect, and fit in fitness where you can!

Here are some ideas to help you get started. This will help activate that part of your brain that tells you to be healthful, several times a day.

1. Take a walk on your work break. 

2. Do 50 jumping jacks. Right now, right after you read this. 

3. Do sun salutations while you're watching your kids. Maybe they'll want to join in! 

4. Stand up while you're at your desk and stretch on your tippy toes 

5. Take an evening walk with your honey 

6. Take your dog for a walk uphill 

7. Take a quick spin on your bike around the block 

8. Jump in the pool for a few minutes 

9. Do sit-ups while you watch your favorite show 

10. Turn on some music and dance while you're making supper 

Doing these little things puts an expectancy in your brain. You'll begin to want to work out. A lot of times while we do a few minutes of something, we want to do a few minutes more.

Do what I do. I like to create mini challenges for myself each day. For example, I'll make a promise to burn 100 calories on the elliptical. When I reach that goal, then I challenge myself to fifty or a hundred more. 

Your brain and your fitness will definitely thank you. My guess is that your body misses the exercise and it's ready to start where you left off. 

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